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  1. Good day everyone! If this has been addressed elsewhere I apologize in advance! I read so many threads on the Binax test/testing on CC but haven’t seen anything concerning my question below…


    Has anyone tried using an IPad for the actual procedure (with the proctor)?    I am wondering if the camera on the iPad will allow positioning to capture package, hands, etc. I no longer have a laptop, just use my IPad and desktop (when at home).  We will be traveling so will need to test using my IPad.  If I need to buy a laptop for the test proctoring, I had rather know now that scrambling to buy one when traveling to the ship 😅


    Thanks so much for any experience, suggestions, etc




  2. 20 hours ago, jmklade said:

    One hint I do have is if you take a tour and go away from the bus...make sure you bring everything with you.  Some of the areas in Curacao were a little rough and they told us to leave everything in the bus because it would be watched when we swam with the turtles.  When we came back the side window of the bus

     had been smashed and everything valuable was stolen.  Our whole tour group spent the rest of the tour at the Curacao policy department.  Is is a beautiful island, just make sure to take everything with you.

    Great tip! Same thing happened to us at St Martin…the only folks “watching” the van were the ones that robbed it!  Ours and 3 other vehicles also were vandalized. Was told it happens all the time. 

  3. 4 hours ago, djh said:


    The same thing has happened to us except that the home test WAS our back up plan. Has anybody actually received their test kits yet?

    I ordered the 6 pack from emed on Thursday evening Sept 3rd, and received them on Tuesday the 7th as Monday was a holiday.  Someone else on our roll call ordered hers from Optum and received them in 3 days. Hoping yours will arrive soon! 





  4. On 9/10/2021 at 9:24 PM, cruisestitch said:

    I just got an email from Optom that my kit was shipped on the 10th and should arrive on the ninth. How can that happen. There is a button for “track your package.”   When I push it, it goes to FedEx which says that the tracking number does not exist.


    Now what?

    Go to the FedEX tracking site ( google search for it, don’t use the link they sent) insert the number and you will find it. My experience was the same as yours so I did not use their link to track. At FedEx I found my package and also signed up for delivery alerts. They were right on the money! 

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  5. 36 minutes ago, MartinsCruise said:

    Yes, the earliest date shown is Feb so that may have been when it was manufactured.  It's good you have them so you'll be ready to go.

    Thanks Sue! Will use the first ones in October for Banff and then for our cruise. Now, I’m starting to think of possible other trips for the other 2 tests.


    I found some interesting info on that you xxxx place (not sure I can say it?) that explains some reasons for false positive tests.  One being not going up far enough in your nostrils. There was also other videos showing the procedure (test taking)..I am gonna watch again before I do the test. 😅 



  6. On 9/3/2021 at 6:51 PM, MartinsCruise said:

    We got a 6 pack from emed earlier this week.  It shows an expiration date of Oct 5 but it's extended by three months until Jan 5.  I called to verify this.

    Sue, just got my 6 pack today…they came from KY and the expiration was also Oct 5. Guess they have an over abundance of tests that expire at the same time. Mine also had a Feb date of some sort on the same label…does yours have this?  

    Wish they had a little longer expiration date, but alas, I will just have to plan an extra trip to use the extra 2 😂 



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  7. 10 hours ago, canderson said:

    I've heard that the UK Staycation cruises have been offering the use of an electric kettle (!) to cabins making that request so as to make hot water for tea.  Was pondering whether that would be even remotely possible on Constellation such that I could bring my own brew along.  I'm fussy about my coffee, and neither bitter nor acidic cut it.

    If you decide to ask, please post their response.  Thanks!




  8. 4 minutes ago, jgmorgan said:

    The BiNaxNow test looks like a good solution for many.  Apologies if this has been addressed earlier, but I didn't find it.


    What time of day are test observers available i.e., is there a fixed start time and closing time 

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  9. 44 minutes ago, aly7859 said:

    We also used this virtual test in May when returning to the US from Costa Rica & it was so easy & fast.  However, recently I have read there have been some delays once you login to do your test:


    Thanks for posting your experience using the tests, those two words “fast and easy” is exactly what we are looking for!


     In the link you posted, I noticed this update above the article…this note and other reviews from users regarding wait times is encouraging!  I have followed the above group for a few years now, and I can always depend on to date and accurate information on multiple subjects. Travel related and they have it covered! They are always my “go to” for latest information regardless of location.


    We will try to allow plenty of time just in case….


    Update 8/11/21: Wait times seem to be improving since we wrote this article. TPG’s Zach Honig took two tests in the past couple of days and found a 9-minute hold (both times!) for a provider.



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  10. 1 hour ago, LadyBerard said:

    For the Abbott Binax Now Covid 19 Antigen test, is there a number to call for someone to supervise the test?  Also, I think I read in one of these posts that you require a prescription for it. If that is the case, do I need to make an appt. with my primary doctor for her to write a prescription for it?  I'm sooo confused.

    You can order directly from emed site, no prescription needed. 6 tests are $150 from them. 

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  11. 9 minutes ago, helen haywood said:

    So did you receive email results in addition to the app code?  I’m looking into this test for us as our next cruise would require our test be done on Thanksgiving ☹️ and I wasn’t sure our local UrgentMD was going to be open.  We drive the next two days and I don’t want to try to schedule on the road…nor do I want to be halfway to Florida only to test positive.

    Same boat we are…we are on 11/28 Equinox sailing.  So happy to see these test are now being accepted.  Waiting on her response as to if this was just for the 9/4 sailing, etc . We were already gonna use these tests to fly back into the US as they are approved for flying. 



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  12. So great to hear this news! I have been following these tests for flying, and just this morning I told my husband I could not understand why these would not be approved for cruising! It is a supervised test…


    Do you know if this was approved for all Celebrity sailings? Did Celebrity send out an email or did you get the ok via phone, etc? 

    We are booked on 11/28 out of FLL and within our 72 hour window is the Thanksgiving holiday which limits testing options. 


    Thanks so much for posting! Hubby and I also hop in last minute sometimes…is it great to have the flexibility to do it? Have a fabulous time on your cruise! 






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  13. 5 hours ago, Ashland said:

    We're booked for March 2021 on Freedom out of San Juan...fingers crossed !!


    OP are your flights booked and any concern with those.? I'm starting to look and am a bit concerned about booking them.

    No, I haven’t booked airfare yet. Although my hubby is a pilot and we fly non-revenue space available for free, when we cruise, I always buy tickets just to make we get there😅.   I’m waiting for the next round of cancellations before buying tickets. We are hoping this one gets to sail, but cautiously optimistic! 



    A bit of positive news...

    We cancelled our June cruise on March 13, before final pay date.  Our refund for deposits to 2 cabins was on my CC today. Also, our prepaid internet package was refunded within a couple of days of cancelling our cruise.


    Thank you RCCL for doing what you said you would do and when you set sail again, we will be waiting to board! 


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  15. 20 hours ago, Canadian Disney Mom said:

    Hubby and I are both Prime and did not receive the offer 😞  Maybe because our last name starts with W we are further on the list.  Fingers crossed 🙂


    We are D+ but that does not seem to be making any difference.

    Check clubroyaleoffers.com as both hubby’s and mine was there when I checked today. No email, just on link above.  I bet yours will be there or coming soon! 

  16. 3 hours ago, LXA350 said:

    THe only cruises without Sea Days I could think of are the 3 night Bahamas cruises from Florida which stop at Coco Cay and Nassau otherwise all cruises have sea days.

    This 7 night Sept sailing to Barbados from SJU has NO sea days. I am hoping it will change, but if not, we will simply stay onboard as for the other ports we have been to multiple times. 

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