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  1. For anyone who wants to reminiscence or has never seen what the Norway looked like, here is an interesting video showing the Norway on a Western Mediterranean cruise. Some really neat interior shots are found in the video, including when the ship was the SS France: (disregard the Youtube description - this is a SS Norway cruise)
  2. Lock noise is part and parcel of river cruising. We've heard lock noise on Uniworld ships as well. Did not keep us from getting a good nights sleep. Wasn't a problem for us - probably won't be for you either.
  3. Have cruised Uniworld three times. In my opinion they are a first rate river cruise line. "Upscale Light" is a good description for Uniworld. I would not put them in the luxury category at all. My first cruise with Uniworld was in 2005. Interestingly, I found them to be a more inclusive river cruise line then (other than included alcoholic beverages) - many of the optional excursions that are offered now were previously included. Instead of a walking tour being the standard excursion (as it is now) there was usually a walking tour combined with an experience such as a lunch in a castle wine cellar or lunch in a historic restaurant. Instead of having a reusable water bottle in your cabin (which they have now) they provided complimentary bottled water that you could take with you when you headed out for the day. I actually like the decor, but then again I like boutique hotels. Obviously this is an area where people will have individual likes and dislikes. Their "luxury" marketing and "luxury" pricing has exceeded the actual product that they offer. Just my opinion, fwiw.
  4. Perhaps they are using a 1oz jigger instead of a 1.5oz jigger fleet wide? If so, this could explain how they are able to fill the jigger (and then some at times) and the drink still being weak.
  5. Interesting comment on Russia. Are you avoiding Russia based on your political views or do you feel that as a cruise passenger you will be unsafe?
  6. Here are my guesses for the 5 specialty restaurants on the Koningsdam: -Pinnacle -Tamarind -Canaletto -a pub type restaurant that has proven to be popular on Norwegian, Carnival, and on Princess -a seafood/crab shack similar to what is on the Royal Princess
  7. Not sure if this has been posted on another thread. Captain Albert recently mentioned in his blog that there will be 5 specialty restaurants. "The ship is an evolution again from the Vista and Signature class and will incorporate the latest “needs” in the industry. Do not expect an ice-skating rink or a rock climbing wall, but the number of specialty restaurants will be boosted up to five. On the Nieuw Amsterdam, there are currently three; Pinnacle (Pacific Northwest cuisine), the Canaletto (Italian) and the Tamarind (Asian fusion). Now there will be two more. What they will serve is still a well-guarded secret." http://www.hollandamericablog.com/20...bor-maine-usa/
  8. How about the man who poured ketchup on his plate then licked the glass bottle top before resealing it.
  9. There is a reason for this. No cruise line wants to make available a true reading of their unsold inventory. They want the customer (in this case you) to act sooner than later. Hope you are able to book at a fare to your liking.
  10. You are correct about this. The QV does in fact have a wrap around promenade. http://www.avidcruiser.com/cruise-reviews/luxury-cruises/cunard-line/queen-victoria/
  11. Fred111, thank you for taking the time to share the details of your trip. :) Look forward to reading about your journey when you have time to post.
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