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  1. I have been to Grand Turks several times on Carnival. The beach right at the pier is beautiful.
  2. I think they did do a test. They made the Empress casino non-smoking. I don't know the test results.
  3. Thanks for the review! I am wondering when they will let us do socially- distanced seating at the bars. One of my husband's favorite cruise pastimes.
  4. I just saw that article on a social media site. I hope the best for the crew members. But I was wondering about that time line, seemed awfully tight?
  5. Have my fingers crossed that all is going OK on the test cruise.
  6. I am hoping all goes well with Freedom. From M. Bayley: Michael Bayley 1h · Why are we doing Simulated Sailings ? Royal Caribbean International is pursuing one of two pathways laid out by the CDC to get back to cruising. A requirement is that U.S-based ships conduct simulation cruises to test health and safety protocols if the cruise line expects to return to sailing with under 95% vaccinated guests or crew. As a family brand, Royal Caribbean typically sails w
  7. If I remember correctly, it was usually cheaper to buy through the Cruise Planner at 30% off, than waiting t buy it on the ship with the D+ discount, because the ship price daily rate was higher.
  8. I agree, cash refund. I looked at the replacement cruise offers from Club Royale and they are less than my original offer and also many are on cruises I have already booked from other offers.
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