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  1. Miami Herald 10:23 PM 5/26/2021 CDC approves first revenue cruise from Florida, but governor may stand in the way Like
  2. I will be happy to see ships cruising again from Port Everglades. Hoping to see Odyssey also there!
  3. Per Michael Bayley Michael Bayley May 21 at 8:39 PM · Today 965 crew on Adventure of the Seas vaccinated ! Thank you Port Canaveral.
  4. From Michael Bayley Michael Bayley 48m · Odyssey of the Seas is on the way to Florida (no guests) after completing crew changes to ensure all USA seafarer visas are in order. As part of our ongoing COVID testing protocols we had 4 positive tests out of 1,400 crew. Those crew were landed in Spain for a second test and observation by local health authorities. Shows how vigilant we have to be !
  5. Currently in the USA the J&J vaccine is only approved for ages 18 and older.
  6. I am following a FB group for the June 12 sailing. Some people are very upset about the change in vaccination to make it mandatory for 16 and above. One person was called by Royal, their 16-year-old got the first shot but will not make the 14 day cutoff for the full vaccination (after the 2nd shot). Looks like they will need to move to a later cruise date.
  7. Yup, so true! I was one of the few who actually enjoyed playing slots in a near-empty casino.
  8. I was at Coco Cay Feb 2020 on Independence. The casino was closed while in port, and did not open until we left Coco Cay. I asked why the casino closed (previously in 2019 it did not close while at Coco Cay) and the casino staff said it was the new rules for Coco Cay.
  9. I had heard that crew had not been able to get vaccinated in Israel. Once the crew gets to USA and gets vaccinated, it will go under new protocols I imagine.
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