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  1. no I have used Valet Connections. So far they have always had the best price, which is most important to me. We find it a good spot too, so we just use them now.
  2. How awesome. My next cruise is on the Joy and I just reserved my shows this morning. My daughter is going with me and we are going to take a more relaxed trip this time and just explore the ports on our own I think. I debated on getting some specialty dining options, but I am not sure yet if I want to spend more money. I'm sure she will want to eat at Cagneys though. She loves the truffle fries. LOL
  3. Thanks for reading! That RCCL island looks fabulous. I hope to some day get to see it. Oh good. Glad I could help. I would love one of those rooms. I used to shy away from being forward, but I have had a few near the front now and it doesn't bother me one bit. It was such an awesome experience and I hope to some day get on another christening.
  4. Thanks for reading! I'm excited to sail her. I have been working on my flights lately...not impressed with those costs! Thank you
  5. Nov. 24, 2019, Going Home I didn’t take too many pictures today. It was the typical “it sucks we have to go home kind of day!”. We were already in port when we woke up. mia3 by Jenseib, on Flickr mia2 by Jenseib, on Flickr I believe I got a quick breakfast and just enjoyed the last of my time on the ship. mia4 by Jenseib, on Flickr We were in no rush to get off and kind of lounged around till it looked like the line wasn’t too bad to get off. We wound around and went through the arcade.
  6. We made our way out and Cass noticed the Kinky Boot cast, so I stopped for a selfie. gs188 by Jenseib, on Flickr Cass’s version is better. gs187 by Jenseib, on Flickr The Choir of Man cast was outside waiting so we went to the side that had Mark. We found his picture but it didn’t really look a lot like him. gs189 by Jenseib, on Flickr I crept right in between Mark and the other guy I thought was cute. Hahahaha. gs190 by Jenseib, on Flickr We got back to the room and found some gifts waiting for us
  7. See the good looking guy in the maroon shirt? That’s Mark…he talked to me! Swoon….. gs156 by Jenseib, on Flickr Cass also already noticed that hot looking guy too! Hahaha. gs81 by Jenseib, on Flickr Now see the guy in the previous picture who is kind of bleached out and behind Mark. I totally forget his name, but he and a group of people sat next to me. They did not leave a seat between us and they had plenty of room in the row to do so. That guy was on top of me the whole show! And he was talkative….to the point of annoying. I am friendly,
  8. And this is an inside regular room. gs129 by Jenseib, on Flickr I have actually earned another free cruise through Norwegian and we will be sailing on the Joy this summer. This is the type of room we have been assigned. It’s small, but we will be fine with just the 2 of us. Our room only holds a max of 2, so we shouldn’t have those bunks on the sides of the walls like this room does. gs130 by Jenseib, on Flickr And the bathroom is a nice size too, so that will make a big difference! gs64 by Jenseib, on Flickr This particul
  9. The water color was just gorgeous! gs113 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs114 by Jenseib, on Flickr When we got back, the next tour was waiting to jump in our boats and head over. I am glad we had the first one of the day. I am not sure if the pigs get full or not, but at least we had them super hungry! This is one of the best excursions I have ever taken. It was a bucketlist thing for me and I enjoyed it so much. I would do it again if I ever get back to Great Stirrup Cay. We walked back to the main part of the island at our own leisure
  10. Hello cutie! pig78 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig79 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig80 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig81 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig82 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig84 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig86 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig89 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig11 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig12 by Jenseib, on Flickr I tried to do selfies but with a camera it was hard. I also took a lot of pictures with my finger in it! If you look at my camera roll I have like 20-30 tried selfies. 99% bad
  11. He then asked for some volunteers and they would have them lay down and sprinkle apple pieces all over them and the pigs would cover them eating the apples. It was hilarious. pig47 by Jenseib, on Flickr This gal is a social media influencer. pig48 by Jenseib, on Flickr I was asked.. ”Do you ever watch MSC videos? Well that’s her” Hmmm. I have never seen one with her in it and I did look when I got home, but still haven’t found any. pig50 by Jenseib, on Flickr pig52 by Jenseib, on Flickr Now there were signs s
  12. I then found cabanas that were ground level. gs101 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs102 by Jenseib, on Flickr And a little crab hanging out. gs194 by Jenseib, on Flickr They were doing tours of the upscale area, but I didn’t have time right now. I never did make it back since it was the far side and I didn’t feel like walking all the way back again. This is where they serve lunch. gs226 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs227 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs228 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs229 by Jenseib, on
  13. They did have a table set up with waters for everyone and I grabbed one and set out to look around. gs91 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs27 by Jenseib, on Flickr There’s our ship! gs92 by Jenseib, on Flickr It’s a beautiful island. gs204 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs206 by Jenseib, on Flickr gs205 by Jenseib, on Flickr They were setting up an extra spot to serve lunch items. gs207 by Jenseib, on Flickr They have zipline from this lighthouse. gs208 by Jenseib, on Fl
  14. Nov. 23, 2019, Great Stirrup Cay Today was our only island day! I got up and watched as we got closer and closer. gs2 by Jenseib, on Flickr Then I went to get a bite to eat. They have hand washing stations now on their newer ships. gs3 by Jenseib, on Flickr I never once saw a washy washy person, which NCL is famous for. I am not sure if they are doing away with them, or if they just didn’t bring them out this sailing. I got a plate of food and set down to eat. gs5 by Jenseib, on Flickr With
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