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  1. Thanks for your very helpful comments. I know Patrick didn't get to Stanley but think Crewbie did. Just wondered what tendering was like there - long waits? Are there British pubs in the town?
  2. A group of us are with Puerto Montt Excursiones (Denis Purtov). Just wondered if you went with him and how it went. Was it worth going up the volcano? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the review. We are on the Star on Feb 14th. Sorry you missed Stanley. Did you miss Punta Arenas as well? On our cruise they are the only ports where you can easily see penguins. We don't go to Puerto Madryn. We have four tender ports so the tendering is important on our cruise. I would be interested to know how you got on in Puerto Montt. If you were on a Princess tour you obviously got on shore easily, if you were private, how long did you have to wait to get ashore? I would have asked a similar question for Stanley but sadly you missed that port. Looking at the web cam looks like the Beagle Channel was spectacular, any other must see places while on board. Thanks Phil
  4. We visited the clinic yesterday and along with the nurse decided the risk of yellow fever was less than that of being immunised. We will cover ourselves in a deet mosquito repellent and hope for the best. We have exemption certificates.
  5. Didn't realise you can still effectively cash in refundable obc in the casino. Haven't been with Princess for a couple of years. Celebrity let you have special chips with obc which cannot be cashed in - you can only cash in with any ordinary chips you win. Sounds like Princess haven't gone down this route - is that right?
  6. We are on Star this winter going from hot San Antonio to cold Cape Horn and hot Buenos Aires. Hope the a/c can cope with the changes!!
  7. On Ventura later this month so will check out the issues mentioned. As we cross the Bay of Biscay twice chances are it will be choppy once at least. Fortunately neither my wife or I have been sea sick.
  8. We are on Ventura to the Canaries and have booked two tours Gran Canaria and Furetaventura with cruising excursions. Would have organised some private tours but the roll call for the cruise was basically moribund.
  9. I agree we Brits are not so keen on roll calls hence P&O roll calls are usually not of much value. Our Ventura one for October has had less than half a dozen posts, basically saying "I am on this cruise". Our February one on Star Princess has over 400 posts and we are going on privately organised tours (one of which I have organised) in nearly every port saving hundreds of dollars with smaller groups that Princess tours. Had the same experience with Celebrity.
  10. I realise no one has posted for a long time so may not get an answer. We are booked with Patrick Watts to Berthas Beach. I know no one can foresee the weather but just wondered if anyone knows what proportion of cruises don't get to land folks in Stanley. We may need to book a penguin tour elsewhere on our cruise as my wife loves penguins.
  11. Going to South America next year so helpful, except of course being Brits we have to buy dollars and the exchange rate is currently lousy for us.
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