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  1. Don't forget Regal is supposed to be in Southampton replacing Grand - long way from Sydney to Southampton in 21 days
  2. At 23 knots, flat out for Regal and with no stops, she can just about make it from Sydney to Southampton in 21 days. so not a cruise just a transit - doubt it will happen like that - we will see,
  3. Sorry previous post should have said 9 April. Seems to me something has to give with the scheduling. If Regal replaces Grand on the run from Singapore - that 38 day trip starts on 23 March. No doubt all will be revealed in due course.
  4. Just been checking and it will take Regal 21 days to sail non stop from Sydney to Southampton at 23 knots (its top speed). If it finishes in Sydney on 7 April it can just make Southampton on 30 April but will not be a cruise in a traditional sense as there would be no stops. Not sure if it would need to re-fuel and re-stock en route as that would increase the time taken.
  5. With cases starting to rise again in the UK, our Chief Medical Officer has suggested we have reached the limit of how far restrictions can be lifted, indeed they have been ramped up somewhat. I really can't see cruises happening until folks are vaccinated. That will almost certainly take us into next year. We are due to go on a cruise in March which I now rate as at best 50/50/
  6. She is - that is why I just said about being optimistic. The other information is in the public domain
  7. My niece is a junior part of the Oxford University vaccine programme. From what she tells me they are becoming increasingly confident it will work. As you may have seen they have an agreement with Astrazeneca to produce the vaccine and governments are funding producing vast quantities of the vaccine in advance of the end of the clinical trials. All being well it should be available in the Autumn and hopefully enough people will have been vaccinated by Christmas to produce herd immunity. She says that even if the Oxford one does not work many other groups are working on a vaccine,
  8. I personally don't think cruise lines will cut their loyalty programmes. They actually cost the companies little, a few free drinks which they will get at cheap rates. When cruise lines come back they will want to recognise loyal cruisers
  9. We have reluctantly cancelled our early October cruise on Silhouette. Spanish ports closed indefinitely and as an asthmatic don't want to be a guinea pig for cruises coming back - if they do. Took the decision now before final payment.
  10. We are due to go on October 9th sailing - waiting for Celebrity announcements which are reportedly due today. The chances are high we will cancel. Having only paid the deposit we would be happy to re-book for the same cruise next year, but would not wish to tie up the money if we have paid the full amount. As Spanish ports are closed indefinitely to cruise ships, Silhouette is in the Bahamas and for many other reasons I expect Celebrity will, in any case, write off the European season like Princess and P&O. We are due to go to India next March and cruise back from S
  11. Spain has shut its ports to cruise ships indefinitely as has Copenhagen. That cuts out most cruises from.Southampton. Princess. P and O and Cunard have all.effectively closed their summer European seasons.
  12. My niece is working at a junior level on the Oxford University vaccine project. She says the bosses are becoming more optimistic it will work. It is in the public domain that Astrazenica are manufacturing large quantities and are hopeful that many countries will have the vaccine by Christmas. If that happens it will be the game changer we all want to see. I fear it will be too late for my October cruise but saving lives and returning to normality is the key matter at hand. I read that a US project and a Chinese project are also optimistic but sounds like they are three to six month behind Oxfo
  13. Just looked at the cruise I have booked in October and the prices have rocketed which gives me thought that the cruise will be cancelled - can't see many people booking at the prices quoted
  14. One of us will be right - we are on the same cruise if it runs!
  15. I can't see Celebrity operating out of Southampton in September. UK based companies P&O and Cunard have cancelled all cruises until mid October and November respectively and Princess have cancelled their European season. Effectively Celebrity would be the only company with large ships offering cruises from Southampton this summer or even early Autumn - can't see it. Hope I am wrong as we are booked on Silhouette in early October.
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