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  1. sluggo1955

    Wild Life On The High Seas

    What you saw was a Frigate bird. I grew up Deep Sea fishing in Florida and we saw them all the time. I used to tell my brother there are the pterodactyls. They normaly indicate where a school of fish are. Don
  2. Hello fellow Owensboro member. My wife and I went on our first cruise in August aboard the Holiday. The Cruse Elegant night was the first at sea night. The dress was anywhere from shirt and tie to suit. I did not see any tuxedos. Don
  3. sluggo1955

    What have you seen in the water???

    Are you talking about before or after too many DOD's and buckets of beer? :D:p;)
  4. sluggo1955

    Just got home from The Holiday today...

    My wife and I will be on the Holiday with you. This is also our first cruise. I am just hoping it is not too hot down in Cozumel. Don