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  1. Is the Fantasia category , really worth it. vs Bella.? We are book for Feb in Fantasia, deck 14. have easy drink which we upgraded to premium. Can get Bella cabin for almost 600 bucks cheaper, may down grade cat. Not sure, would like opinions . ty
  2. Since the MSC Seaside does not leave until 7pm. What is the earliest for Embarkation?
  3. Offers for pass cruisers while on the ship?
  4. ? What are the current prices for MSC Funpass? Any pics of the currently?
  5. ? So what are examples of Flexible onboard offers for pass cruisers on MSC?
  6. Awesome!. Ty for sharing. I had to share my friends cause I'll be there at the end of June. Sweet
  7. Does anyone know if NCL will price guaranteed for cruises booked thru travel agents or is it only thru there site? For example if same category is like 50 dollars cheaper on NCL website suggested price. Can you submit to NCL and they will put the difference in onboard credit? I have done this before with Carnival. But I booked thru their site.
  8. Here are some pics a friend sent me of Coco Cay May 10, 2019. She told me everything is currently open, except for the over the water bungalows.
  9. Thank you for your input It would be easier if they just have one drink package.
  10. New to MSC. Booked first cruise on the Seaside with offer that included Easy Drink package. I understand that this Drink package includes drinks up to 6$ 1. Do I have to pay gratuities each time I order a drink? 2. If ordering a drink that is for exam 7.50, I am responsible to cover the difference plus gratuity ( 1.50 +15%) 3. If I upgrade to premium, 27.00 per night ( that would cover drinks up to 12.00 and will include gratuity)? 189.00
  11. Is there an additional charge for the Bamboo Bar? Drink package available to use in Bamboo Bar?
  12. I agree, I'm looking for a deal, and that's why I don't pay thousands for a cruise, and I can to 3 to 4 times a year. I just looking to see what others are paying
  13. I just wondering if there is a better deal, I know I can book it and cancel if another is offered.
  14. I want to pre book the drink package. Mariner of the Seas, What is the best promotion? I am currently offered BOGO 50 percent off? Averages 61 with service charge.
  15. Just book they Joy for Oct 2019, Pacific Coast. Looks like the ship will be departing close to Midnight. Any I idea when we can board? IDK when the ship will be arriving in Vancouver , but the day before its scheduled to Dock in Seattle.
  16. I was wondering are the smoothies that are offered in the Spa Café on Equinox included with the Premium Drink package?
  17. Sailing in 2 month, on the Equinox. First timer for Celebrity. We booked Guarantee cabin, Yesterday we got our room assignment. We are on a Concierge cabin. Excited about the upgrade. However, and chance we could change our cabin location, since we are now assigned , if cat is available? Has anyone ever tried this
  18. I had the same question. Was going to sign up online thru my planner, but I too , thought that you paid that price and then additional for the piece you choose to make. Now know that you just pay the difference.
  19. Do you get credits for sailing with RC towards Celebrity Captains Club?
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