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  1. After 99 days since my April 4 Transatlantic was cancelled and I requested a full refund, it finally was credited to my credit card today! I received the full cruise cost, including the original deposit and the one way Lufthansa air that I booked through Holland! Other than a refund from one shore excursion that I received three days after cancellation, I had not received any communication from Holland. Hopefully things will open up again for cruising in 2021 ... I can’t wait!
  2. What a wonderful and heartwarming video! I will certainly be sailing again!
  3. I was in 4013 on Koningsdam back in September. I absolutely loved and enjoyed the extended balcony and the steel portion of it did not affect me at all. I was on a port-intensive cruise so any noise during the afternoons were not an issue at all and even in the evenings, noise in the room was minimal … more in the hallway … than the room. It was the smoothest voyage I've ever been on. It was a beautiful ship!
  4. Hi everyone, I just booked my first solo cruise yesterday! Very excited and a bit apprehensive. I’ll be on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam for their transatlantic voyage departing Fort Lauderdale on 4/4 to Barcelona. Six sea days, the Azores, two more sea days and then Cadiz, Malaga and Cartagena. All new ports for me. If anyone else is on this cruise, please let me know. Thanks, Cynthia
  5. Thank you Chipmaster for the "on the spot" assistance! We've decided to go another route and set up a Tuk Tuk excursion which sounds fun and is another alternative to get up to Mt. Srdj, see the view and also be able to learn about Dubrovnik and its history from someone local. I appreciate your response.
  6. Thank you for this great information about the bus system and location. After I received your information, I found a Tuk Tuk excursion that will meet us at the Port and take us on a two hour trip which includes the top of the mountain then eventually drop us off at Pile Gate ... or if I can persuade them Ploce Gate! So we will get some great Dubrovnik history and commentary with no more than a max of two others with us and the driver/guide. The rest of our day will be DIY on the city walls so we feel this will be a great alternative for our morning and still get up to the top of the mountain. Thank you again for your quick response.
  7. Hi, we will be arriving Dubrovnik on Monday, September 2 on Koningsdam into Gruz. We are wondering if the bus from Gruz has a bus stop near the cable car entrance on its way to Bosanka? If not, we have heard that the walk to Srd from Bosanka is doable and not too difficult. True? Obviously all uphill but wondering about it. We have a full day from 8am-11pm so time is not an issue but we don’t want to use up all of our energy at the beginning of our visit. Our plan is to then ride the cable car down and begin the city wall walk at the Ploce Gate and explore the old town the rest of the day. Any thoughts about this plan would be appreciated. This will be our first visit to Dubrovnik and Croatia. Thank you! Cynthia
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