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  1. Thank you for the upbeat responses. The added ability to hopefully borrow the good glasses is a big plus. It looks like the vino bar will be seeing a lot of me on my 28 day cruise.
  2. The Sapphire will be the first Princess ship that I have been on that has the speciality wine bar. Do they offer bottles or select wines not on the dining room menus? Any high end offerings?
  3. I have used my Motorola units for nearly 10 years with good success. I had to receive updates from my 90 year old mom, invite ship bound friends in port where to meet me for lunch ashore, calling in from fishing boats when returning to port, and on the really large ships, just locating my partner. We keep the volume down and make a point of not disturbing our fellow passengers with the things.
  4. When Nukesubsailor boards and the inspectors are giving him the eye, I am going to slip right on around him with my stash intact :-)
  5. 5:30 dinner is fine. We will just adjust Happy Hour to commence at 4:30.
  6. Long live America! We will be flying for our cruise on 9/11.
  7. Black on black, especially with a Versace tie, is hot! Now, just add a black Versace jacket and heads will turn.
  8. I want to see the wine list as well. Sailing in just a couple of weeks.
  9. We did it three times on the Tahitian Princess cruises some time ago. Can't beat the experience!
  10. Checked out our 2005 era canvas. It is fine with no cracks. This Goddard has been the centerpiece of the bar and now the wine room. It features a grape holding on for dear life while slipping and hanging from the keyboard of a Steinway Grand piano.
  11. We tried to set up a Bon Voyage party when the Island Princess reaches San Pedro in September. Princess does not offer the program for this port.
  12. I am a daily Starbucks Bold French Roast coffee drinker. I took via on a fishing trip and just hated it. Taste just like cheap instant coffee. What am I doing wrong?
  13. We went from 14 to 4 on the Island waitlist a month before final payment date. On final payment period, we were offered a good choice of several mini-suites. Our TA kept us up to date weekly where we were on the list.
  14. 22-ounce Porterhouse steak and a 3 olive Bombay Sapphire gin martini straight up.
  15. The OP's referenced link mentions that top CDC people were onboard helping the crew try to locate and eradicate the evil germs. Reminds me of those sneaky hiding bedbugs.
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