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  1. I have a QNAP nas set up which works great I have a 2TB hard drive I take with me on holiday and transfer pictures from my cards to this drive periodically while away and then back up to my NAS when return
  2. we are on Arcadia in 2020 for the world. Aurora has just become adult only so has not done the world before, as far as i know. Do not stay in suites so cannot help more
  3. Yes very popular most will sail after the fireworks, lots of small boats will be in the bay as well
  4. we just miss breakfast and go to the dinner, as stated above you do meet some interesting people and we have had a few moaners as well. Always found it interesting to see the officers switch off from normal duties.
  5. We had officers at the lunch on Arcadia in November on the caribbean cruise
  6. We are on this cruise Jan 2020 and you do not need Yellow fever as confirmed with our doctor and travel nurse. We are only transiting the Panama Canal and not stopping
  7. on Friday the 11th October personaliser was taking bookings for excursions and then saying "technical fault try again later". i tried 3 times before i got the booking confirmed, then found money taken 3 times. If you have booked any excursions check your bank, customer service were not very helpful
  8. This is to be introduced from the 1st October 2019 see attached file. eta-factsheet-for-travel-sector.pdf
  9. Has anyone been in this cabin as on the deck plans it shows a blank space next to it?
  10. We are on Arcadia for the 2020 cruise and have done our own visa. USA ESTA do on line $14 each Australia online free NZeta there is an app for smart phone we’re you scan your passport MAKE sure that after the scan your name is spelt correctly and all other details are correct. Cost $9 and $35 dollars for an environmental tax. Sri Lanka is free online but cannot apply till 90 days before arrival China depends on what you are doing ashore
  11. when on Brittania in March we were waitlisted before the cruise and received our tickets in the cabin on arrival, we did not have any notification from P&O that a space had become available. We complained to shore excursions but was still charged, on returning home complained and got the money refunded.
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