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  1. We have been to St. Martin several times and this time used Bernard’s Tours. He has several tours offered and was very prompt in getting back with me...bernardstours.com Prices are very fair, prompt pickup, beverages, etc.
  2. This was our second time using Fabian tours...it was a great day. Fabian took us all over St. Lucia, stopped to get us warm bread and delicious cookies. He was very prompt with email response, has many tours to pick from and very through and reasonable. info@*****.com
  3. This was our second visit to Beachlimerz...both times Gail was very prompt and efficient getting back to me via email. There were 8 of us this time from cruise ship. As before we were picked up by LaShawn at the port and transferred straight there. Greeted with a punch and led to our beach front chairs and umbrellas. Started out a bit rainy but ended up being very nice. We were served a great lunch of ribs, fish and chicken. We were picked up when we requested and got back to the ship in plenty of time. Thanks Gail for a wonderful day.
  4. Do you mind telling me the price you got for your tour and how long...thanks
  5. One of our perks includes a free specialty restaurant. What’s your favorite and what did you eat. Thanks
  6. Ok...next question if I may but in to this conversation...has anyone used a particular resort and can comment on use of umbrellas/chairs, food, etc. thanks so much
  7. Are there any resort day passes in st. Thomas??
  8. Ransrider...since you have aleeady done the New England cruise on the Anthem is there anything you can tell us to do as far as port tours, etc. any help would be appreciated. Glad to see you are doing it again...we are booked for the October 18 sailing as well.
  9. Ok...booked our flights and reserved our room through Trinity Reservations...they were the best. Thanks so much
  10. Yep...I am in agreement about going a day early. We have been looking at hotels all afternoon and looking at reviews there's not a lot to offer but doing the math it's peace of mind to get there ahead of time. So if you have a good hotel recommendation let me know. Thanks for all the help, as usual cruise critic and TripAdvisor are my travel bibles.
  11. Yes...I am familiar with all the flights. I am questioning the time. Want to make sure we have time to get from the airport to port. I think I said earlier that other posters say not to do LGA. We just need to make a decision. Flying into Newark a day early and getting a room or taking the chance with LGA.
  12. Cruisecounsellor....have you taken your trip? If so, exactly what did you end up doing...where did you stay and how was the hotel. Also did you take the New England cruise??
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