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  1. First time in the Bahamas, doing the Dolphin Swim in Nassau. Any suggestions for what to do in Grand Bahama? Traveling with husband and two teen girls.
  2. Hi, I've been reading these and don't think I've seen this question asked yet, hope I'm not posting in the wrong place. What's the best (and most cost-effective) way to get from FLL to Port of Miami? Is it worth booking the transfer thru NCL, or is it just as easy/cheap to take a taxi from the airport? Figure all you experienced cruisers have this down to a science! (BTW, there are 4 ppl in our group, 2 adults/2 teens) Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm feeling much more confident in doing the excursions on our own now! Thanks for the help w/ the desserts vs. chocolate buffet too. She was disappointed, but that helped. Said she'll be fine as long as they still have the lobster I promised her! :)
  4. I found this forum yesterday, and it seems like people are great about posting answers. I'm a newbie to cruising. Will be going on a 4 day trip on the Sky end of August with husband and two 13 yr old girls. Was very nervous after reading reviews last week, but they are sounding better and better. Yay! So here goes with some questions... 1.) I'm confused about the restaurants that are included vs. extra. When I booked, they told me that only one had an add'l charge (Le Bistro) and the rest were included. Sounds like I might have that wrong? Also, I keep reading about this BOGO coupon, anyone know how to get one? 2.) We are planning on doing the Dolphin Encounter, would love to do the whole swim, but it's priced a little out there for us. I started looking around, and it looks like if we didn't book thru NCL, it would be in our budget. I was nervous not using the cruise line, since I've never done this before. Is it a lot more complicated getting there on our own, and does anyone have recommendations? 3.) I just read that there's no chocolate buffet on the 4 day Sky! My daughter is going to be CRUSHED! Is that true? Well, I think that's it for now, but I seem to think of more the more I read! Thanks for any tips you have for me! Let the countdown begin!
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