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    Slept through the security briefing

    Dont all lines have another muster for no shows and late comers?.i know ive read that on ncl,celeb and rccl...and ive seen many stewards checking cabins on our way to muster...is carnival that lax?
  2. searoses

    Thinking about trying something different...

    Whichever line you choose be sure to get an AFT cabin....180 degree view many,many hours per day...our first aft on a last minute cruise with extended family...we got picked off the waiting list and were the envy of our group...happened to be carnival spirit....our only carnival cruise ......i would go princess if i was making plans for this trip on my own...
  3. There are 2 issues....will it fit through the door and will you be able to line it up to fit...it has to go in head on...no angle...i wouldnt trust anyone on the phone to confirm that info but would get a cabin in the same area as an hc one to be pretty sure a regular cabin would do the trick....many people with scooters do use reg sized cabins successfully...
  4. searoses

    Carry On vs Checked Luggage

    Been going to the caribbean for decades....only cold once after snorkling for hours on the boat ride back to the hotel...that said throw in a light sweater for the parts of the ship that might be too cool for you...the motto often posted here is half the clothing and twice the money...because we only do carryon to fly there isnt much extra in our bags that we want to be without....so we carry them on the ship....we have witnessed bags going overboard....and starting to sink...have a wonderful trip!
  5. Not all hallways are wide enough to allow the scooter to be driven into the cabin...call the special assistance people to be sure you will not be disappointed...the scooter must not be stored in the hall....they can tell you just how wide the doorway is...and you need to ask about the hallway...i could not get the scooter into a cabin i was visiting on a princess ship...an eye opener....clearly the halls with hc rooms are wider...have a great trip!
  6. searoses

    wider doors on Princess?

    You cant be sure of being assigned a cabin where the hallway will be wide enough for you to line the scooter up to get in the door...keep your hc cabin to be sure...and enjoy!.......when i finally allowed myself to have a scooter i found it much safer and my husband worried about me so much less....
  7. Also be sure the hallway is wide enough to turn into the doorway...on princess regal my scooter could not turn into the inside cabin i wanted to visit...it was average sized..
  8. searoses

    Knee replacement and bathtubs

    I believe i have read here that the tubs are pretty deep....i had my knees replaced last year and was able to get into the tub after a month or so....not gracefully and with a spotter but able...every week it got a little easier...i hope she recovers quickly...
  9. Be careful using the elevators.....on an ncl ship backing out could have taken me down the stairs if i wasnt paying attention....it was not a close call but when you feel you need to get out of the way of a mass group heading your way you may not think of everything in the moment....expect people waiting for the elevators to rush right by you....if i cruised more than every couple of years i would def speak up and demand to not be denied my turn....because i dont i just go with the flow.....some people will be very solicitous....most dont seem to even see you...iyou...i hope you have a wonderful time!
  10. searoses

    Toilets in Accessible Rooms

    I believe they are higher...been on several lines and dont remember any problems with the height which is a factor for me whenever i go out...
  11. I would be on the 2pm....i do not believe there is food available at any of the beaches yet...while it wont be as relaxing using so much time in transport the island is magic and exactly what i will be doing on my next cruise...and islanders are grateful for every person walking off that ferry to visit...enjoy
  12. searoses

    Regal Princess accessibility.

    Yes but freezing in the caribbean and there are several stairs going up and down to access the edge of the pool...the pool area was very pretty but very windy...think it was in the front of the ship ....
  13. We stayed at coral princess ..........small,clean and no wait to check in...we waited 2 hrs at the intercontinental with scores of other cruisers...everything is pretty close in san juan...
  14. searoses

    San Juan hotels are SO expensive!

    We stayed at coral princess...small,funky,tiny city pool but a lot cheaper than the big names and very clean...for one night i would def stay again...
  15. searoses

    ? Recent El Yunque/Bio Bay combo tour?

    Contact tours with ellis...he is on fb...we had a grand day with him smoothly getting us where we wanted to go and to and from the bio tour...a lovely man with a real love for his adopted home...can't recommend him highly enough...over 20 trips and cruises to the caribbean and that day stands out as one of the best!