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  1. jlb91454

    Favorite food combos

    I love putting bacon in mac N cheese. Get to the buffet BEFORE it closes for breakfast and pick up some bacon and then when the lunch side opens get some Mac N cheese and crumble up or cut up the bacon and add it
  2. jlb91454

    Broadway style shows on which ships?

    Liberty of the Seas is running Saturday Night Fever - I was on there in July and it was very good
  3. jlb91454

    Cruise running out of alcohol..

    I was on the Liberty of the Seas last year and 3 days into the cruise they ran out of tomato juice.
  4. jlb91454

    Quiet Spaces

    I have been on the Liberty of the Seas many times and I enjoy going out on deck 5. There are lounge chairs out there......we pull them up to the railing and read or just watch the water
  5. jlb91454

    Embarrassing cruise moments

    This didn't happen to me; but I heard it on an elevator on a Royal Caribbean Ship. These 2 elderly ladies (about 70 I would guess) get on the elevator and one says to the other "I really thought this was the SUNDAY elevator" and the other ones goes "I did too - because the SUNDAY elevator took us right to where we wanted to go. Now we will probably be late for dinner because we are on the MONDAY elevator." It was all I could do to not bust out laughing. For those that are not aware on Royal Caribbean ships they have the day of the week on the floor (on panels) and are changed daily after mid-night
  6. jlb91454

    Aft Balcony Question

    I have had aft balconies on RC and on Princess and have never had any issues. I go out on the balcony don't just look through the glass
  7. Can anyone tell me IF Tomato Juice available on the Carnival Vista? It has been a few years since I have cruised on Carnival.
  8. jlb91454

    Self-Service on Carnival Vista

    Thank you so much for the response
  9. Can anyone tell me if there are self-service laundry on the Carnival Vista?
  10. jlb91454

    Is it just me? Or am I not alone?

    After 35+ cruises I still get excited. My next cruise is in 4 days.:D
  11. We have gone to the Windjammer for dinner, then the show and then to MTD just for dessert :o
  12. My first cruise (41 cruises ago) I learned that if you sign for something you are being billed for it. And I have learned over the years that I LOVE sea days - so relaxing. Also have learned to take the stairs
  13. I was going to say the same thing. I was on the Oasis and I heard this lady said "I really thought this was the right elevator - Yesterday the elevator was named Monday, and now it says Tuesday" she thought that carpet inset was the name of the elevator. It was so hard for me to not bust out laughing at this lady :D
  14. I have seen men in the MDR wearing shorts. On the Liberty of the Seas I did see them turn 1 guy away because of what his shirt said (F$&K OFF)
  15. As others have stated.......I book early to get the cabin I want. And I spend the time researching and reading posts on Cruise Critic. To me it is easier on the budget