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  1. I'm sure this has been answered; but I can't find the answer. I will be on the Sky on a B2B (Dec 1 & Dec 4); but have 2 different rooms. I only received 1 medallion will I receive my one for the 2nd cruise on board?
  2. Ate at Plank's in June. It was very good - and so much food. Well worth the $12
  3. Cruising on Halloween is a lot of fun
  4. Like others have said - LAYER. Also bring sunglasses for while you are in Glacier Bay. I have been to Alaska when it was in the high 70's and another time it was 60's and rainy. Enjoy - the scenery is so beautiful!
  5. I like so many others have said my go to quiet place is the Promanade deck or the night club IF it is in the back of the ship. "The Wake View Is The Best View"
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