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  1. Hi Everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows if the public buses run on Christmas Day, and if the availability of taxis is limited at all due to the holiday. Thanks for any information you can give! S.K.
  2. Wow, thank you guys for such excellent advice! I'm glad to hear some of you have had positive experiences with the Princess insurance. We didn't book our airfare with Princess, so now I know it makes more sense for us to get external coverage. Thank you so much!! Happy cruising everyone :)
  3. Does anyone have personal experience with the travel insurance offered by Princess? Is it sufficient? For all you seasoned cruisers out there, do you usually go with the Princess insurance or with another company's? We have never purchased travel insurance before so any personal recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks! S.K.
  4. Thank you both! Would love to hear how your experience was, Mommy40. Hope you have a great cruise!! Any other suggestions, anyone?
  5. Dear wise Antiguans, please help us! We are a young couple and will be in Antigua on Dec 25. We'd like to find a beach where we can relax and snorkel from the shore. Since there are only two of us traveling, I'm worried that getting to a beach like Long Bay or Half Moon will be prohibitive in cost. Can you recommend a good beach for us that's doable as a couple? The perfect beach would be: - Pretty with good/fair snorkeling not far from shore - Not too crowded - Have amenities - Be convenient/cheap to get to (on Christmas day) Thank you so much for any advice you can give!!!!! S.K.
  6. Hi, I know there are many beach threads here, but I couldn't find one that related to our situation. We are a young couple without children. We will be cruising just the two of us and will be in Antigua on Dec 25. We'd like to find a beach where we can relax and snorkel from the shore. Since there are only two of us traveling, I'm worried that getting to a beach like Long Bay will be prohibitive in cost. Can anyone recommend a good beach for us that's doable as a couple? Our preferences, in order: 1. Pretty beach with good snorkeling not far from shore 2. Not too crowded 3. Amenities 4. Convenient/cheap to get to (on Christmas day) Thank you so much! S.K.
  7. Has anyone had a great experience with any other company other than Silvermoon, Thriller and Shasa for the snorkeling/turtles excursion? Shasa and Thriller are fully booked. Silvermoon has availability but is twice the money per person and we're on a budget. Thanks for any recommendations!
  8. Thank you so much! It turned out that Thriller was booked anyway. Silvermoon has availability so we're looking at that and also the Shasa tour just because it is so much cheaper.
  9. Whew, that saves a lot of room! Thanks to both of you!!
  10. Do we need to bring our own beach towels on the Caribbean Princess? Thanks! :)
  11. Hi All, I'm just wondering if anyone has an opinion as to which turtle/snorkeling tour is better, the Silvermoon or Thriller. They both sound great and I'm confused about which to choose! Thanks for any advice :)
  12. Nona, sorry I've been out of touch for a couple of days! Had to go out of town briefly. Don't worry. A gain of 1.5 pounds since the weekend could just be water weight, you know? They say that people gain and lose 5 pounds of water weight every day. Step on the scale a few more times over the next couple of days and see if the numbers are consistent. Even if you did gain a pound or so, it's not a big deal. I think you should be proud of already having lost a few pounds. That in itself is a big accomplishment. Don't worry too much about the finishline. I think you're already making good progress. Nuts can be great, but they can be fattening in large numbers. They have a very concentrated amount of calories and fat, although most of the fat is the "good" kind. However, I did read a couple of months ago or so an article on MSN that compared nuts to each other nutritionally. Cashews, along with macadamia nuts I think, were at the bottom of the list because they contain a surprising amount of saturated fat. I'm not sure about pistachios, but maybe hold back on the cashews a bit. The article might still be on MSN somewhere if you do a search for it. I admire your strength in going strong so far. You are already in good shape to begin with, it sounds like; there are many, many others with much more weight they'd like to lose. Be proud of yourself! I'm doing ok. I've been trying to walk more and have healthful snacks like carrots. I've also been trying out some vegan recipes. Last night I made vegan calzones that used tofu instead of cheese. They were actually very good! And it felt great to eat a calzone and not feel guilty about ingesting 800 calories of cheese. Anyway, take care and keep me posted! SK
  13. Thanks to all of you for continuing to share your great tips! I really appreciate the advice and support. I picked up a bunch of vegan foods over the weekend and found 4-5 vegan recipes to try. Last night I made baked sweet potato & pea samosas, which were pretty good. I'm going to try to be as vegan as I can possibly be at home and at work but allow vegetarian options when eating out. So far I'm feeling really good about making vegan choices. Also, by default a lot of junk foods are now to be avoided because they aren't vegan and avoiding those foods for animals' sake means more to me than avoiding them because they aren't healthy. I'm hoping that this, plus cutting out most dairy and eggs, will help me lose a few pounds. Now I need to work on exercising! Hey, sarasvati, when in December is your cruise? We're going on the 14-day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean Princess from Dec. 14-28.
  14. Hi Binch, Thanks for your good tips! Yeah, I'm just starting to learn about stuff like TVP now that I'm reading info on veganism. I'll have to look for it the next time I'm at Whole Foods. Protein shakes are a good idea too. I have some chocolate protein powder so that be a good way to get some protein and help with any chocolate/sweets cravings. Thanks again!
  15. Hi Gina, Your itinerary sounds so exciting! It never occurred to me that you could see places like Alexandria and Istanbul as part of a cruise. I'll have to follow your lead on that someday! Thanks for your advice. It's so nice that you have that local farm near you where you can actually see the chickens! I'm not sure if one like that exists near me; I'll have to do some research. I live in downtown Boston, so I usually shop at a large chain grocery store and pick up a few things from Whole Foods. I never heard of a sugar addiction before, but maybe that's what I have! I'll have to start paying attention to my cravings and maybe find some more information online. I went to the grocery store yesterday and most of the items I picked up were produce, canned beans and spices/sauces. But there's still plenty of sugar-filled stuff in our apartment, so I'm just going to have to be strong and remember how much I'd like to feel comfortable in my bathing suit! Genevieve
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