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  1. Hi...Will you please DELETE --ROZO'SBEAU-- from Prinsedam 12Mar 2012 Grand Med and Black Sea---my husband passed away in January, 2011 :( Will you ADD me --PIEDMONT-- to Westerdam 24Sept. 2011 Hawaii, Tahiti & Marquesas Thanks.....if you want to check on Rozo's Beau...look at the postings from January 14,2011 on the Grand Med & Black Sea/Prinsendam Thanks
  2. PIEDMONT / 16 Jan, 2011 / RYNDAM / Wester Carribean Thank you.:)
  3. -I hope anyone who reduces the "auto tip" doesn't get an upgrade. -People who bring their own glass of wine from their cabin to the Crow's Nest don't get and upgrade. -"Guests" who bring thier own soda/beer/booze drink.... to the "sail away" and leave their trash for the wine stewards to pick up, don't get an upgrade. AND...if you get an upgrade......be happy. and keep it to yourself. HAPPY NEW YEAR...may all you travels be fun, and safe.
  4. Me three............HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL....smooooooth sailing :D
  5. I used Bruno (FALL 2009).....10 of us in a boat for the day. Lunch, Pearls, Vanilla, and the BEST part was a swim thru a Coral Garden. YES he does a great DVD. Be sure to tell him BEFORE you start that you want it. YOU WILL BE A STAR. The only thing negative was the vanilla I bought at the plantation was, in my mind -old- Not much flavor....but that's my opinon. It is a wonderful day.........ENJOY. :)
  6. Thanks RockLady for the ~White Hot Chocolate~ suggestion. Bill and Mary Ann...............I love your "blogging" on CC. I can really see in my minds eye what you are doing and where you are. DH and I did a 14day Alaska on the Prinsendam in 2003 and loved it. Looking forward to the next instalment. :D
  7. :D I am not a suite passenger, but when I dine in the PG, I tip $10. for dinner for 2. The M'd has told me they SHARE the tips given....if there are 2/3/or 4 servers. Maybe as a suite passenger you can ask the the Food/Bev Officer in charge what would be appropriate. I would not want to "stiff" anyone :mad:, so when I am in doubt, I ask. Enjoy your travels.
  8. I have also sent emails to Valerie.... in March/April/May...no response. Hope she is well.
  9. I am about to take my THIRD Grand Voyage on HAL. I think the food and staff are much better than the shorter cruises. I would rather take ONE Grand Voyage of 70 days than-- 10 X7 days or 5 X14 day. They are fun..............try one, I'm sure you will agree. :):D
  10. I would do a GRAND Voyage....the Princendam does one in the spring to Europe. Next year, I think it's Africa/Med/Egypt. They are relaxing and educational (on board lecturer's). AND the food and staff are tops......the pillow gifts are very nice too.:):)
  11. Oct 31, 2008/2009 I was on the Amsterdam. The MDR/Crows Nest were decorated. about 100+ passengers were in costume. Lots of trick/treet candy around. Both years it was celebrated on the 30th, as the 31st was an overnight port call. It was fun.....enjoy
  12. Oct 31, 2008 and 2009, I was on the Amsterdam...we had a Halloween party, some people wore costumes. Oct 31 we were in port (Sydney) so they did it on the sea day, Wed., 30 Oct. The MDR/Crows Nest/Front Desk were decorated. Thanksgiving, too the MDR/Crows Nest/Front Desk were decorated. Have not been on for the 4th of July, but I am sure red/white/blue clothing would be nice. Have a fun trip.
  13. :rolleyes: I always tip my cabin steward(s) and dining steward(s) extra if they have given attentive service....and on HAL that is all the time. I sometimes like to have a "taste" of something on the dinner menu I have never tasted before and if they bring me a small plate with the extra "taste" I consider that a PLUS. So at the end of the cruise/voyage they get extra. I don't have room service often, but If I have a cold or not feeling up to the dining room I do. They get anywhere from $2.--$3. from me depending on how many multiple items I have, like juice/water/coffee and entree and dessert. If nothing else, it makes them feel good and that sometimes makes a persons day. Also, I'm on vacation, if I feel good and they feel good, everybody wins.
  14. I just returned from a GV (67 days) and we received $250.00 OBC total for our cabin. I believe the rule is you must own 100 shares to get $50.00 OBC for cruises less than 14 days -AND- $250.00 for over 14 days.--PER CABIN-- I sent directly to HAL a copy of my confirmation from our stock broker. Have fun
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