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    Living In Halifax....

    Rick1965, You do have some great suggestions! We will be in Halifax sept 18 while on Explorer OTS and were wondering who you would recommond for a tour company? We're going to be there noon to 7pm and don't want to do a ship tour. We've been to your beautiful city before, done the pub tour (yellow hats and all.. LOVE IT!!), Peggy's Cove, Titanic, and went to the Citadel. This time we would love to do something different. Mobilty limits using the double decker bus. Would like to rent a car and go have a nice early dinner after driving around the city. Could this be possible? Do you have any dining reccommodations? and would you like to join us for dinner? You have been so very helpful, I'd like to say thank you for shaing your knowledge with us. Pls email me @ paulaspage2006@bellsouth.com if you would be interested. Thanks again for all your suggestions! H2OLady2006
  2. H2OLady2006

    Private Tours in Halifax

    CabotTrail Thanks for the tip regardin several tour companies in sydney. Would kindly email them to me? paulaspage@bellsouth.net We will be in sydney sept 13 and are looking for our own tour, maybe even share one with other cruisers. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
  3. H2OLady2006

    Explorer Cabin Site?

    Are you by any chance going on the Explorer Sept 11 and with a group? If so, so am I ! Have you chose shore excursions yet? Email me and maybe we can set up a shared tour. paulaspage2006@bellsouth.net
  4. Hey Cool Cruiser, I loved your review. I'm getting excited about our cruise! Could you email me information about the hired car you had? paulaspage2006@bellsouth.net Thanks! My group will be on the Xploer Sept 11 and we are so looking for to it. Thanks!
  5. H2OLady2006

    Need PEI excusion help

    Need help with findinga whale watching tour in PEI or NS.