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  1. Does anybody know where Alison Hasler from Aberdeen/Scotland is now? She used to be one fo the activity staff on Serenade, then became AD and was on Independence for one turn and was supposed to return in August - but I don't see her anywhere now. She is wonderful and we would love to sail with her again.
  2. So why are you on this board??? I do care a lot who the wonderful energetic and enthusiastic members of the activity staff are; they can make or break the atmosphere on a ship! But again, if you don't care, don't read the messages on this board.
  3. On our last cruise on the Serenade (in 2017) we loved Alison from Aberdeen (Scotland) on the activities staff; I read here that she has advanced to AD (very deserved) but might not return to the Serenade after getting back from her vacation. Too bad, we would have loved to see her again; the activities staff makes such a difference! We'll be again on the Serenade in December and hope to have great AD and CD.
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