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  1. Yes, even brief is good! We were there near the end of a repo cruise for 1/2 day! Anchored in Hamilton, so tendered in. Barely time to look around, but did enjoy a nice lunch on the porch of The Pickled Onion on a beautiful April day! That made it worth it! :)
  2. Having lived there makes a world of difference! :) Glad you enjoyed your brief return visit!
  3. A one day visit...not fair, but it sounds like you did quite a bit! We avoid the scooters at all costs, you were very lucky to have a safe trip, especially with torrential rain!...eek. Love the Swizzle Inn, friends with Carolyn, mgr. of gift shop/s! 😊. Hog Penny in Hamilton, is another favorite...they have the best Bermuda Fish Chowder! Restaurants can be pricey...hope you checked, the gratuity is usually already added to the bill, you most likely double tipped! Frog and Onion at the Dockyard is another interesting spot too, within the thick walls of the Keep (fort). Can’t wait for our return!
  4. That is not completely true...they were more than a little slow in doing something! As an example I will share our story, back in 1998 we were on the NCL SKY, 10 day Canadian/N.E. Cruise...we went aground in the St. Lawrence Seaway at about day 7. BEFORE we left the ship we had a letter, in hand, stating we were entitled to a cruise worth 100% of what we spent, plus of course free transportation home. Understand that there are sometimes delays in completion of redos during drydock time, but see no excuse for so much! We have seen some things unfinished, like the Mexican restaurant on the Dawn a couple of years ago, with workers about, but it was not an intrusion on our cruise! They should have canceled the first couple of cruises scheduled after drydock from the sound of this mess! Of course then the scheduled passengers, with no cruise to go on, would be upset also. I do agree canceling costs the line and the servers a lot of money...in our situation the crew were sent home for 6 weeks.
  5. Just heard about it on GMA a few minutes ago! No idea when it was first mentioned anywhere else!?
  6. CruisFran

    Decor in Dawn Venetian Dining Room

    Our cruise in May will be our 11th sailing on the Dawn, so we have seen her since she was new, and through all her renovations, large and small. All are interesting and most make sense, but the Redo of the paintings in the Venetian are RIDICULOUS! Make absolutely no sense,....wish I had a clue what they were thinking...Picassoish!? Agh...for awful! They should either have left them alone....or replace them, IMHO!;p
  7. Congrats on booking the Dawn for your honeymoon....believe you have chosen wisely as Bermuda is perfect honeymoon destination! Come over to the “Roll Call” for the Dawn May 11 cruise, and join the chatter! We have sailed the Dawn, well this our 11th time. We did the Disney Fantasy last summer with the grandkids, loved it...it was our 1st. The Dawn and NCL are a little different, freestyle everything (resort casual dress), dining...and the entertainment is good, but not up to Disney level! It won’t be long now, almost time to pack 😊
  8. CruisFran

    Private tour at Willemstad?

    Hi! Check out the excursions for Curaçao in the tour list. If you want a private tour of the island I believe there will be taxi drivers at the pier that you could chat about what you want, and agree to a price. We are on the same cruise, and have signed up for the Beach Express tour. Happy planning!
  9. CruisFran

    Suite to Suite upgrade

    The suites on deck 12, with or without the balcony, are the newest on the ship...and super!! The bathroom is awesome! I would stay put!... Just IMHO :)
  10. CruisFran

    Aquatic Bermuda still in business?

    Check out http://www.gotobermuda.com. Click on Activities...lots to choose from! We have done Fantasea several times over the years...sunset cruises. Happy planning!!
  11. CruisFran

    What are your MUST DOs on Bermuda?

    We are long time Bermuda visitors, and we always recommend doing a taxi tour, of a minimum of 3-4 hours. It will give you, especially first timers, a wonderful overview, especially important for the short visit. It will run about $45. Per hour...but the cabs hold 6, so perhaps you can share. The tour cab drivers love to show off their beautiful island. Take note of areas you would like to revisit another time. Don't worry if you don't have time on this trip...we can almost guarantee a return :) Enjoy...happy planning, it is half the fun!!! :D P.S....I believe it's really called The DUNKING Stool!!
  12. CruisFran

    Bermuda Triangle And NCL

    This just goes to show how you cannot know for sure about the weather, or sea conditions. We have had the complete opposite experience/s cruising from Boston (or NYC). On almost every trip (approx. 16) we have had calm seas. Most recently, in Sept., the ocean was smooth as glass practically the entire trip. Go...enjoy!! Cruising is the best!
  13. We just returned from the Dawn 10/14 sailing. We had Gian, from the Phillipines, for our butler. If your suite is on the port side you may have him too, we know he will be onboard until May, and he had 10 cabins to service. He was wonderful!! :) Virginia was Concierge, we're not sure of her future plans.
  14. CruisFran

    Dawn post upgrade questions

    We were in a mini-suite on Deck 11 in Sept.! The TV and carpet were new. Things are showing a bit of age, but aren't we all...LOL Seriously, to me the items in need of attention were the cocktail table (in bad shape, (probably from being left out on the balcony once too often), and the upholstery on the couch (quite worn)! Otherwise, the cabin was in good shape, and very comfortable. On the other hand, the Deck 12 suite we just occupied last week was fantastic!!:D
  15. Yes, 2 for 1 martinis are a thing of the past on the Dawn now! Best you can do is 20% off Martinis in the Star Bar, Deck 13 - mid-ship....8:00 to 9:30p.m.!! Check the Freestyle Daily to be sure, under Bar Manager's Specials.