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    TASMANIA GEMS ‘ASTRONOMY CRUISE’ This is a new concept for Australia Feel like a holiday that’s literally ‘out of this world’? Then why not join us on our very first ever ‘Astro-Cruise’ departing Sydney early in 2009, cruising Tasmania with one of Australia’s most well known and respected astronomers, writers and public lecturers, David Reneke. For 8 days and 9 nights you’ll visit historic Port Arthur, Hobart city, beautiful Coles Bay on the east coast, bustling Burnie, then up to Melbourne and the Yarra River for a stay before heading home. In between all this, you’ll be entertained, informed and enthralled as the astronomer introduces you to the wonders of the universe through a series of illustrated talks and telescope viewings. Charting a course just like sailors centuries before, this is an experience for those who are awed by the vast wonders of the night sky. Passengers will see how the stars rise and set, just like the sun. There is nothing like this presentation being done for the general public any where in the world! David Reneke (or Astro-Dave as millions of people know him) is the News Editor for Australia’s Sky and Space Magazine, he teaches astronomy at college level, is an invited conference speaker throughout Australia, a feature writer for major Australian newspapers and a science correspondent for ABC and commercial radio stations. In these weekly radio interviews David regularly appears on over 100 networked stations around the nation with all the latest news in astronomy and space discovery issues, including a regular weekly segment on the 'Charles Wooley across Australia' show every Tuesday morning. David is a gifted speaker who has entertained and educated many tens of thousands of people with his engaging Astro-Space shows in venues all around Australia. He has developed a style of presenting astronomy and space topics to the public that is not only interesting and fun, but incredibly unique as well. In February 2008, David toured the USA on assignment for Sky and Space magazine where, among other things, he was invited to attend the world press conference in New York for Sir Richard Branson’s new company, Virgin Galactic. David was also invited to visit Astronaut Buzz Aldrin at his home in Beverly Hills, California, for a one-to-one personal interview and conversation with the second man to walk on the Moon. David’s shows are more ‘infotainment’ than education – focussed more on telling an interesting story than delivering dry facts. In a splash of colour you’ll learn how the universe was created. You’ll also discover the wonder and beauty of stars, star clusters, galaxies, and black holes, and hear about the latest discoveries in astronomy from around the world. You’ll even get to hold a real meteorite … and much more! A telescope and binoculars will be aboard the ship for the group to share. Shore excursions and other opportunities to visit world-class planetariums, science museums and significant astronomical heritage sites are always part of David’s plans and during this cruise we will surely undertake one of them. This time to the Southern Cross Observatory in Hobart, Tasmania. Overall, this special Astro-Cruise is a relaxed and entertaining look at the Universe. Dozens of amazing facts and figures about space will be revealed, some for the very first time! There are 5 separate astronomy/space presentations and six on-deck laser guided sky-tours planned in David’s cruise program. Each talk examines a different aspect of the cosmos. Essentially, there will be something on offer each day or night of the cruise. A unique inclusion with the cruise program is a special slide talk dealing with the mystery of UFOs. David will be talking about the history of the phenomenon and showing some startling photographs and video clips on the night. For what you get, it’s surprisingly cheap! The whole cruise starts at $2,299 per person twin share and includes 8 night’s accommodation on board the ‘Dawn Princess’, all onboard meals plus entry and transfers to and from Southern Cross Observatory. For more information and a detailed itinerary please contact Shanda Sebbage at Meridian Travel (Vic) Pty Ltd: 127 Lower Plenty Road, Rosanna Victoria 3084 on (03) 9459 4933 – email Shanda at sales@meridiantravel.com.au For program highlights please phone Dave Reneke on 0400 63 63 63 or email him direct at Dave.Reneke@SkyandSpace.com.au Remember, 2009 is designated the International Year of Astronomy. There's never been a better way to see and study the mysteries of deep space. These unique shows will leave you astounded and on the edge of your seat as you discover the ‘Secrets of the Universe.’