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  1. I agree. That is what the authorities are saying. I'll depend on the CDC, the World Health Organization and travel advisories by the State Department. Depends on where the cruise is going as well. Checking to see the status of any countries on itinerary with State Department is always advisable. Also each person's person health status and itineraries should be considered. Any other opinions are just that...opinions. Each person should weigh their own health history, circumstances, itinerary risk and information from the qualified authorities.
  2. I have heard nothing about closing the Mexican border due to corona virus. Mexico has 2 confirmed cases. The US has 43.
  3. We are holding off on cancellation until the last minute to see how things develop. We sail on April 8th and really want to go but don't want to go and possibly be denied entry into ports etc. We have cancel for any reason travel insurance so we will wait to cancel (if necessary) until later. CDC just posted a recommendation for no non-essential travel to Italy so UGH. A new complication everyday.
  4. Well the death rate is 20 times higher than the flu and there is a vaccine for the flu. Illness is not the only concern. There are outbreaks in Italy and if it gets higher the ship or individuals traveling to other areas during and after the cruise may be affected by either denial of entry, quarantine or other ramifications. It's a much broader issue than a flu-like illness.
  5. Thanks everyone for your information. I am not unhappy, just disappointed. I try to spend money wisely being retired. Thank you Jasukkie and Orville99 for your perspectives and information. We’re looking forward to sailing regardless. Have a great day.
  6. Got it. I’m not trying to cause trouble. I’m just learning about the process. Thanks
  7. Yes I thought that was pretty crummy too. Pay up front and get penalized. I guess other cruise lines may do the same thing but I know that once the lower price was honored on another cruise line. May have been the time frame - I can't remember. I guess the answer is don't book ahead of time but then the airfare and flights gets crazy.
  8. We are sailing in April from Rome to Spain, Italy and France. Cant imagine how this will all turn out. Did buy insurance with cancel for any reason. Ugh. One concern is that people are contagious even if not showing symptoms so someone could be carrying the virus and spread it before they know they have it.
  9. The Customer Service Rep said there are no upgrades available. Thanks for the suggestion. I guess we're paying what we're paying.
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