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  1. Please can someone tell me how you find out about these price reductions?
  2. I am travelling on the Brilliance of the Seas in September 08 and the QE2 in October 08. Can anyone tell me please what the converters look like that i will need on these ships? I have one which has 3 fairly big prongs on it - I think it might be for the UK? Thanks
  3. Is it possible to get the Fythe ferry from Southampton to board the QE2?
  4. Does anyone know please if formal on the QE 2 means that women have to wear long dresses? Or will cocktail length be ok?
  5. can someone please tell me what a rum runner is - just in case I decide to take up drinking?!
  6. my mother who is a veteran cruiser always rolls her clothes and puts them in stockings so they look like big fat sausages. She swears that everything comes out uncreased and ready to wear. And if you use laddered stockings it makes it easier to see and find things. And it always entertains the customs blokes when they open the case!! Zinni
  7. I'm a new cruiser and really interested in all your five favourite items but a bit puzzled about some. What are clorox wipes? And what is a pop top hamper and what do you need it for? Also, some of you have mentioned taking alcohol... Is that allowed on cruises? I thought you had to buy it from them. I'm travelling soon on QE2 and a Royal Caribbean ship. Zinni
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