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  1. My wife of 10 1/2 years and I met online on the 18th of January, 2012. We were engaged on my birthday on Feb 4th, 17 days later. Married on February 29th, on Leap Day. Sometimes, it is meant to be... ❤️
  2. We answered the questions. No price was given. Confirmation email says no cost. We are testing on the 12th to leave on the 14th on the Vista.
  3. I cruise in 12 days on the Vista. Party of 5. All vaccinated. I hope they don't start requiring a test beforehand. With travel, that can be a pain in the butt. But, we will roll with the punches. Mardi Gras looks like they're having a blast!
  4. Booked the Celebration for December of 2022 out of Miami for $99 PP. $521.48 total for two people after port fees and taxes.
  5. Free Vaccine.... or PAY for insurance. The ball is in your court, non-vaxxers. Can't wait to sail on Aug 14th!
  6. We got ours too for Aug 14 cruise. Initially it wasn't there, but logged on later and it was. Super easy for the five of us. Maybe 4 minutes, total... if that!
  7. Do they have outlets in them or USB ports? Thanks in advance! Dan
  8. We booked the Mediterranean Greek Isles out of Venice for October 2023. We did the Mediterranean on the Vista from Athens to Barcelona. It is amazing. Very port intensive. Long port days as well. You must plan accordingly and not treat it like you can some of the Caribbean destinations where you stay up drinking, gambling, socializing etc... Just my two cents. But amazing trip nonetheless!!
  9. cancelled; deposit only. Refund in 8 business days. Rebooked for Mediterranean in Oct 2023 with all the freebies at sea and $250 deposit and reduced airfare promo. Super excited and happy with the refund time it took.
  10. Yes, I am on the Horizon in August of 2021. This makes sense they would "close" the bookings while they find suitable landing spots for Sunrise passengers. Just had me worried a bit. I'll hold out a little bit longer I suppose and see how it shakes out. Thank you, everyone!
  11. Anyone else experiencing trouble looking at their bookings online? Our August of 2021 cruise information doesn't show up. Also, if you try to add the booking number when it asks, it says not found. Anybody else?
  12. Final Update: Called and they did an itinerary/ship/date change and charged us $50 pp. Changed it to the August cruise out of Miami and all the monies were already there as it is the same booking number. Better than losing the $500 deposit, and waiting for the refunds. Also, she found us a $100 obc while she was at it per cabin. Overall...… very pleased with my experience. Thank you, everybody for your comments and suggestions.
  13. Our school district is pushing back the start of the school year because of COVID. DD will now be in school 12 days longer. The cruise we had was planned for right after graduation. If we went she would miss last week of school and her graduation ceremony. Needless to say, this will not happen for us. We had two cabins booked. Wife and myself in one, DD and friend in the other. I know if we cancel we lose the $250 per cabin deposit. We have also made various payments toward each with gift cards and debit card. QUESTION: When I cancel, will the money, except for the deposits, ONLY be refunded to me or can I transfer them to another NEW booking we are making for August of 2021 to take it's place? Thank you in advance, everyone.
  14. yes, indeed. I booked an interior, because I couldn't justify the balcony at the time. But the price of the balcony now with paid gratuities would've been worth it. But the current price for the balcony NOW is a lot higher than the balcony was THEN.... oh well, I missed the boat on that.
  15. Oh never mind. The price of the balcony went up significantly with this deal. Paying the gratuities would be cheaper. LOL
  16. I booked our first NCL cruise 3 days ago. It was 2 for 1 deposit, had all the FAS promotions included. Then yesterday they had the same cruise with everything, with prepaid gratuities. Am I able to swap my booking to this new offer? Not sure how all this works with NCL. Thank you for any and all help
  17. I am not going to just act like I didn't see this amazingly ridiculous number. 17??!!?? WOW
  18. Thank you! We did the Med from Athens to Barcelona on the Carnival Vista. Memories that last a lifetime. I saw where NCL had those solo cabins. That is really cool of them. Can't wait to cruise again!
  19. PERFECT!! Thank you so much. We received al of the FAS promotions. Drinks, dinners, internet, and shore excursion discounts per port. I love Brazilian Steakhouses, that is for sure. I think the Ice Bar would be COOL.... pun intended.
  20. Greetings! I am new to NCL but not new to cruising. We have done 8 cruises, all on Carnival. Note: We love Carnival and it suits us just fine. We dress up for formal nights. We wear appropriate clothing in dining room at all other times. Yesterday, we booked a 7 day cruise out of New Orleans for our 10 year Anniversary in February 2022. I know it is a long way away, but the 2 for 1 deposit and all the FREE @ SEA offerings were too good to pass up. We will be on the Breakaway. Any tips, pointers, gee whizzes, or wisdom you can share with me about the ship and the experience is greatly appreciated. THANK YOU in Advance!!
  21. They will refund it to you in the same form of payment, which would be a NEW gift card. And these refunds also take upwards of 90 days to receive back to you. If we do not go in October, we will not go again until May 2021.
  22. I don't think I can do it. Now it is pushed out til at least September. I will hold onto my money and gift cards. I can always use THOSE on the May 2021 cruise for DD's graduation cruise. Only out the $198 deposit. But I will wait and see if THEY cancel first. Blegh
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