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  1. I’m sorry for all of the trouble you have gone through. We have an excellent PCC who takes care of all of this and we don’t have to argue with anyone. Looking forward to cruising again!
  2. Stockholders get a $250 on board credit, however, you have to send in an NCL stock form & proof of your shares. You have to dig on the website to find this form. I printed out several after I found it. It is a great deal!
  3. I agree with you! We are on this sailing too. Rules won’t bother us, we’re on this cruise for the ship & the canal, any shore excursions will be a bonus!
  4. Ours came today after I ordered it on Monday. My husband was pleasantly surprised! He read this thread last night and almost ordered 15 lbs.! That probably would have been a bit much! He’s taking some to work to share with the guys. Thanks so much brookie848!!
  5. My husband & I love the snack mix that is served in the jars at the bars. Does anyone know what the name is? Or where I can buy a barrel of it? Lol We can’t find it in any store so I came to my very knowledgeable CC friends for help! Thanks so much for any leads!
  6. We are with you! We love Norwegian & will stick by their side! We have a cruise for next April that we scheduled last year. So hoping it’s a go! If they go, we go! I’m so ready!
  7. The only place on the ship you’ll be safe from rocking is the lower middle, 4, 5, or 6. We’ve been everywhere, forward, aft, forward port, aft port, always movement of some kind, depending on sea conditions. If you get seasick easily, this is not the cabin for you. We love the rocking motion, very relaxing. Use your best judgement to enjoy every cruising moment!
  8. I wrap duct tape around a hotel card, it comes in handy for so many things! Also, we use a collapsible duffle bag to take our dirty laundry home. After buying souvenirs it saves our luggage from being overweight. Also a push on nightlite for the dark bathroom. I set it on the sink counter closest to the door so as soon as I step in I can turn it on & close the door. Saves me running into things! Or a flashlight on my nightstand. Everyone has such great ideas!
  9. We’ve done both & it’s too hard to decide between the two! They both are wonderful! You’ll love them equally, I’m sure.
  10. Don’t worry about what the census shows. We’ve gotten upgrades several times when it showed nothing available in the category we bid on. Just wait & see, you may be pleasantly surprised!
  11. That’s the truth! People who think they’re above everyone else. I have no use for them.
  12. We love Mr Happy! Haven’t crossed paths with him in several years & have often wondered how he was. Thanks so much for the update!
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