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  1. I've never sailed on Princess, but see that in other ships they have complimentary ice cream parlour. Does Sky princess have one too? I only see a gelato bar and that's not free . Is the escape room on sky princess free?
  2. Thanks everyone. If anyone has a TA in Canada they'd recommend that's cheaper than the online price please send me a PM. The MSC canada website doesn't work...
  3. Thanks! Is the canadian website priced in Canadian dollars?
  4. Is it better to book an MSC cruise through MSC's website or with a travel agent? Any benefits to booking directly with MSC (ie. if price drops will they give you OBC or upgrades more easily than with a TA?)? Thanks in advance
  5. That's very good. They're willing to offer me a one-day rental in December for $72 for an economy size automatic transmission
  6. You got lucky! I contacted the location and they are not allowing one-day rentals between Dec 2019 and March 2020. What kind of car were you able to get for $70?
  7. I tried to book on the Hertz.com website but it won't allow me to do 1 day car rental, only 2 days...anyone have success recently booking a one day rental on their website?
  8. All the balconies that accommodate 4 people are spacious balconies. The regular balconies seem to accommodate max 3ppl. I could be wrong..but this is just based on a quick scan of their deck plans .
  9. For the Dec 13th sailing, I am able to upgrade from inside to either balcony GTY or panoramic oceanview (bigger room). Since we are a party of 2 adults 2 small kids, we would likely end up in a "spacious balcony" rather than a regular balcony. The upgrade would cost me $39CAD per cabin, however I would lose my $125 OBC. What should I do?
  10. Hi Shaded Lady, Carnival said no such thing exists. Their website is just tricky. I clicked on Cloud 9 Spa interior - then it gave me options of what I wanted (ie. early saver promo, etc) and one of the options was guaranteed. I assumed it was a guaranteed cloud 9 spa interior, but it's just a guaranteed interior anywhere on the ship.
  11. I called Carnival for the answer. I misread the website..very tricky! Sorry I don't know how to delete this thread
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