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  1. For the Dec 13th sailing, I am able to upgrade from inside to either balcony GTY or panoramic oceanview (bigger room). Since we are a party of 2 adults 2 small kids, we would likely end up in a "spacious balcony" rather than a regular balcony. The upgrade would cost me $39CAD per cabin, however I would lose my $125 OBC. What should I do?
  2. Hi Shaded Lady, Carnival said no such thing exists. Their website is just tricky. I clicked on Cloud 9 Spa interior - then it gave me options of what I wanted (ie. early saver promo, etc) and one of the options was guaranteed. I assumed it was a guaranteed cloud 9 spa interior, but it's just a guaranteed interior anywhere on the ship.
  3. I called Carnival for the answer. I misread the website..very tricky! Sorry I don't know how to delete this thread
  4. If I book an inside GTY cabin in the Cloud 9 Spa and they run out of inside cabins, would I still be guaranteed a Cloud 9 spa cabin (say in oceanview or balcony) or would they move me to an inside cabin that is non-cloud 9 spa?
  5. I'm considering my first Mediterranean cruise possibly with 2 kids under age 7. I am wondering which of the following ports would I be able to make it back onto the ship for lunch/break for the kids and then possibly go back out to sightsee again? I know Rome is out of the question since it is quite far from the port. Thanks in advance
  6. Has anyone done this (leave their kids in camp to go on an excursion) with RCCL?
  7. Does RCCL allow parents to leave their child onboard (in the kids club) while the adults go for a shore excursion?
  8. So I emailed RCCL about why they advertise this falsely. This was 2 days ago. No reply. But they've changed the info on the website and it no longer shows splashaway bay as a "thing to do" on the Explorer of the Seas page.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I agree, their advertising is misleading as it shows up as one of the things to do on the RCCL site under this ship
  10. Thanks for the photos. Do you know if there was Splashaway Bay section for kids on the ship?
  11. On the RCCL website, it says Explorer of the seas has the new Splashaway Bay; however I have not found any pictures of it on any recent reviews. Can someone who has been on EOS recently, confirm that the Splashaway Bay exists?
  12. Do they provide life jackets for children for use in the pools (I hear they are deep)? Is there any time reserved for lane swimming in any of the pools? Thanks!
  13. Thanks. Unfortunately I don't see a "my purchases" section in my MSC account...
  14. I purchased the VIP card but I don't know if it is under my name or my husband's name. How would I find that out beforehand so we could take embarkation photos under the correct card (before obtaining the VIP card onboard)?
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