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  1. It's a huge ship but the staff is friendly, helpful & caring! Drink package ALWAYS helps!!
  2. Quantum Ultra 2 will debut in NYC in 2020 following the departure of Anthem to the UK. Royal Caribbean studied an Oasis-class ship departing from Bayonne during the summer season. Officers often leak information during their gatherings, but you have to "take it with a grain of salt..."
  3. Your husband won't stick out at all. Best rough guess I can provide is tuxedos will be in the minority, suits & business attire/polo shirt/khakis (including those horrific bowling shirts :) ) will be the bell curve middle, and the tee shirts and shorts/jeans group will be present as well. My experience aboard Anthem (and Quantum) was a slightly, better-dressed crowd compared to Florida departures, possibly due to the location of embarkation in close proximity to NYC. The aforementioned is merely a personal observation, so don't assume as fact. Most important, it's your vacation so make sure you're dressed comfortably for the occasion!!
  4. On the bright side of living in NC & being under threat of impending doom via hurricane, I have a wealth of time to edit videos!! Day 2, CocoCay [YOUTUBE]KOSEW-IrBNs[/YOUTUBE]
  5. I'm sorry for the lack of new vids. I had several technology issues aboard the ship & this attempt at a live thread did not work out as planned. Nonetheless, I'll have new content uploaded very soon - like, next days soon! :)
  6. So..... I quickly discovered that the upload speed on Mariner was rather (shall I say) ssssssssllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwww..... Seriously, evolution of the species is faster. Nonetheless I will continue uploading content from home. Therefore, this is no longer a live thread, but a cruise in review... So, sit back in your office chair - reminisce about the past weekend, and enjoy Day 1 on Mariner of the Seas. QNBOIlu3o_4
  7. T-minus 24 hours until we touchdown in Miami. Pre-vacation video coming soon!
  8. Hello fellow cruise addicts! I'm going to try something different this time around... live vlogging from the Mariner. So with fingers crossed & adult beverage of choice raised in the air, I give you... lVrozGOgZXo Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question, or suggest content.
  9. Thanks!! I HIGHLY recommend the Royal Babies & Tots program. The staff is beyond awesome, very professional, and attentive. :D:D
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