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  1. pennyg131

    Royal Genie Question & Star Class

    We are moving to balcony cabins for the 18th sailing and the 23rd sailing. Our Genie booked all dinners for us in specialty restaurants. We even had one catered in our suite from Chops and they brought in two waiters from there. Each morning she brought specialty coffees from Starbucks at around 9am. She brought cocktails each evening before we left for dinner. She also found out we liked Main lobster and arranged a dinner with lobster for everyone. I really can not remember the rest. Hope this helps, we are in 8730.
  2. pennyg131

    Any Harmony Genie Reviews Coming Up?

    I will write a review when get back which will be January 7th. B2B2B on Oasis then across the parking lot to the Carnival Magic Penny
  3. pennyg131

    Royal Genie Question & Star Class

    hi we are on the Oasis with you 12/11 and 12/18. We are in a star class room and were last time we sailed on the Allure. We gave her 250 all together. That was recommended but we may give more because of the holiday. We gave the room steward 40. Bill and Penny
  4. pennyg131

    Any Harmony Genie Reviews Coming Up?

    We are on the Oasis in a 2 bedroom aqua suite on December 11th. Got an email from our Genie day before yesterday, telling us she will be talking with us direct soon. Penny
  5. Saw it on the Sunshine Peg, in early April. I believe they had in May on Magic, Got off Paradise today. They did not have it Love to you both xxoo
  6. pennyg131

    Star Class and Royal Genie tipping

    We (three) got off the Allure Aqua suite 9330. Our Genie Susan was terrific and we tipped 350.00. We gave 100. the first day 100. after a big meal served in our suite for six and 150.00 the last day. We sailed May 1st to the 8th. Penny
  7. Allure was cold to me. We were in a balcony handicapped cabin. Hope this helps. Penny
  8. pennyg131

    Resort at the Port pool bar

    They serve the regular menu at the pool. Steaks, seafood and chicken, plus more. Last time we were there we had a chicken cesear at the pool.
  9. pennyg131


    [quote name='Cruising4']The OP thought it she was doing the right thing. Be nice, people. If I found something I thought was of value (sentimental or otherwise), I would be reluctant to hand it over to the person behind the desk. I would likely take it with me, post here AND contact CCL. I wouldn't turn in a found t-shirt to guest services without taking pictures, getting receipts AND contacting CCL about the item.[/QUOTE] Thank you Cruising 4, I know after 500 nites with CCL that not everything gets to where it should. I felt that CC and Facebook would reach quite a few. The room steward told me that the crew used some of the rooms during the Dry dock and asked and posted a note in crew quarters. Believe me I am not trying to get somthing for nothing and in fact this item has more sentimental value than anything.
  10. pennyg131


    Did anyone sail on the Pride in the last few weeks in an Ocean Suite and leave somthing in the room? Please identify and I will ship it to you. Penny
  11. [quote name='negc']They were still using discount coupon books on the repositioning cruise and likely will continue to do so, at least until their supply runs out. We used the BOGO dinner coupon, the free photo and internet minutes, reduced telephone rate, and free flavored coffee in the specialty restaurant, as well as some of the casino coupons (can't ever win too many RCI key rings LOL). You might also find the gift shop and spa discount coupons are worth your while.:)[/QUOTE] Thanks so much. I have about 3 books at home all version 17 I will try you use. Penny
  12. [quote name='negc']Since Radiance class ships often sail in regions were the temperatures are less than moderate and weather isn't always ideal, many of us consider their climate controlled solariums to be a positive feature, not a negative one. The claim that the glass roof prevents the UV rays from penetrating and causing sunburns or tanning is something that I find questionable. We just returned from the Brilliance's 13 night repositioning cruise from Boston to Tampa and never lacked for things to do on board. The aerial shows are spectacular, and the specialty restaurants, especially Giovanni's Table are excellent. Most of all, however, is the wonderful staff that will serve you while you are onboard.[/QUOTE] NEGC, Going on the BOS this Saturday. Do they still use the coupon books or is it like the Oasis? Thanks for your help. Penny
  13. pennyg131

    Pool chairs

    Are there reserved pool chairs for Diamond plus on the Oasis? Thanks
  14. pennyg131

    Proposing on Freedom of the Seas

    My Grandson proposed on the Jewel Of the Sea in January. He did not want to pay the 450 either. The cruise director set up a violin and piano at sunset and he went down on one knee . They then joined us for dinner in the MDR. Very romantic.
  15. pennyg131

    Loft Suites

    Does anyone have pictures of the handicapped suites on the Allure. I have been told there is an elevator. Thanks for any help. Penny