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  1. I prefer the one-way, preferably from Seward to Vancouver. That option gives me: 1. Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Seward. 2. Kenai Fjords boat tour before boarding ship in Seward. Great wildlife and nature viewing. Either way, you do get the beautiful final morning coming into Vancouver.
  2. As I'm browsing through some of the menu postings on this board, I'm not seeing the chilled fruit soups on the appetizer list. Has HAL done away with them? They were my favorites on past HAL cruises in Alaska.
  3. Screwing with the promenade deck is one of Holland's really bad ideas.
  4. Don't put passport into a bag you are checking at the cruise terminal. Learned that lesson the hard way.
  5. On my recent trip to Alaska, I took my new Tamron 18-400, a canon 10-22, as well as my G7x and my iphone. I was pretty happy to have both the wide angle option for landscapes as well as the 18-400 mm for wildlife photos.
  6. I'm really enjoying this blog. Thanks for doing it. Even with the port access/weather risks, I would love to do this cruise. Is Holland not doing the chilled fruit soups as an appetizer anymore? They were my favorites.
  7. This past June, for the first time, I took the small boat round trip to Tracy Arm from Juneau. It was absolutely spectacular. The small boat was able to get close to both Sawyer glaciers (something my previous cruise visits couldn't do). We saw many harbor seals and their pups and an occasional bald eagle sitting on the icebergs. The icebergs themselves were some of the most amazing blue colors I've ever seen. If you really want to see this area, take a small boat tour rather than hoping your cruise ship will get in.
  8. When all the tourists have been eaten.
  9. Who hasn't wanted to start a brawl when they see a clown?
  10. The luggage transfer from Anchorage to Seward works very well. Be aware, however, that your luggage does not travel with you on the train. Rather, it is trucked to Seward separately. So make sure you have everything you need for your boat tour and Seward check-in with you in your carry-ons (boarding documents, passport, coats, hats, binoculars, camera, etc.)
  11. Agree with longest possible Kenai Fjords boat tour. The wildlife variety and scenery are some of the best I've seen anywhere.
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