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  1. I hope you're not suggesting that someone should lie in order to get insurance to cover the cost of the test. I think that's called FRAUD.
  2. Ward Cove is a joke. Avoid it.
  3. Photo opportunities are a lot better if you're flying in an Otter as opposed to a Beaver. As you said, the Beaver is just too cramped.
  4. If you decide on Anchorage, I would try to get a car. However, this year that was next to impossible due to rental car shortage. Personally, I wouldn't rush to get to Anchorage. Better things to do between Whiiter and Anchorage.
  5. Front desk was chaotic. It didn't seem as if anyone knew what they were doing. The laundry room was filthy. Dirt and garbage all over the floor. You didn't want to accidently drop any clothes on the floor when transferring from washer to dryer. Also, some staff seemed to use laundry room as a place to hide out. I stayed there a few years ago and it was fine. It seems that they are having trouble recovering from 2020 COVID slowdown.
  6. I was very disappointed in Anchorage Hilton in July. Would not recommend it at this time.
  7. Keep in mind that the road in Denali is currently open only to Mile 42 due to climate change-related ground movement causing the road to slide. This has been an ongoing challenge to maintaining the road. https://www.ktoo.org/2021/09/24/work-on-55-million-bridge-over-slumping-part-of-denali-park-road-could-start-next-year/
  8. Too many of the cruise line land itineraries include Fairbanks. While Fairbanks may have its charms, I have yet to find them.
  9. That system is bringing much-needed rain to the Pacific Northwest this weekend.
  10. A ridiculously short amount of time for a stop in a very unique part of Alaska.
  11. Train, train, train. So much better than the other options despite the early departure. When you get to Seward, take the 6 hour boat cruise on the Kenai Peninsula. That makes for a great day in Alaska.
  12. Steve Kroschel is a character. I enjoyed the excursion and would recommend it.
  13. I sure hope they haven't done away with that too.
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