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  1. quack2

    Haines, Alaska?

    Just plain weird itinerary change.
  2. I keep thinking I will read something from cruise lines describing substantial new and vastly improved virus protections protocols. What I've read so far, has just been more of the same. I can't imagine boarding a cruise ship again until I see comprehensive protocols for preventing spread of any virus.
  3. It didn't have to be this way.
  4. quack2

    Tram in Juneau

    And if you're on the ship in the upper right, you will have to swim part of the way.
  5. Wasilla itself is not an attraction. Just one long series of strip malls.
  6. Anchorage to Nome flight is only 90 minutes. RT airfare a month out is about $300.
  7. Budget Queen nails it. Kenai is the most varied wildlife/glacier trip I have taken in Alaska. I'm aching to go back with my new camera lens. I've only done the 6 hour and I would do nothing less than that. Tracy Arm by Adventure Bound is just awesome scenery. The blue icebergs are stunning as you enter the fjords. Then the glacier faces and ice floes are amazing as well. Do not assume that a cruise ship visit to Tracy Arm will make it anywhere close to the glaciers. Small ships like Adventure Bound can and do get into places a cruise ship can only dream of. But as Budget Queen said, your ship's Juneau itinerary will dictate whether you can do Adventure Bound. I really don't understand why Adventure Bound doesn't depart a little little later in the morning to better accommodate cruise ship passengers. So . . . don't try to choose between Kenai and Tracy Arm. Do both if your itinerary permits.
  8. Bering Sea Crab tour was good until the end back in port when they got a little too preachy.
  9. I hope they target people who don't need music blaring in every corner of the ship and who DO need a full size wrap-around promenade deck.
  10. quack2

    Tracy Arm Fjord

    Tracy Arm by small boat out of Juneau was so much better than visiting by cruise ship. Not even close.
  11. Favorite all-time Juneau excursion was the small boat trip to Tracy Arm.
  12. If the yacht is anything like his football team, it's slowly sinking.
  13. quack2

    Seward, Alaska

    I love the Kenai Fjords boat tour out of Seward. Awesome scenery and many wildlife sighting.
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