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    St. Peter in Chains

    You can go very easy to San Peter in Chain from the Coliseum. By the west side of the Coliseum are steps....the steps are beside the subway. Walk up the steps and ask to the people, you will be very near. San Peter in Chain is beautiful....the Satue of the Mose is great! Gunther:)
  2. Vatican museum and sistine chapel are parts of vatican city. The entrance of the vatican museum drive you at the last into the sistine chapel and, on the sistine chapel are steps to the basilica. You can't do the opposite. So if you want visit the basilica you can go in from the square, but you can't go into the sistine chapel. Go first into the vatican museum, sistine chapel and from the sistine chapel go to the basilica. When into the chapel, take the exit on the right, for the group, if not, you will go out from the entrance of the museum and you have to walk one mile, under the sun to the basilica...standing in line.... Go to the museum on the afternnon,line is ending down,less people in... Gunther:)
  3. Trwestin

    rome water experience/advice

    Dear friends,the water in Rome is great! Some of the water on the pubblic fountains came still from the ancient roman aqueducts.Nice and cool. The same water was drink from many different people since centuryes. So nobody had trouble in the past! Save you money.... Gunther:)
  4. Trwestin

    RCCL Rome excursions

    The Vatican line is always a problem.If you book a tour with the bus you will have a reservation to go in, but the reservation line is huge as the regular one. On the morning the lines are huges.If you go after lunch the regular line is ending down but you never know...in general even if the line after lunch is long, you can go in 45 min. A good way is to reserve the entrance on the afternoon. It is my opinion that even if the line of the reservation is long, you can go in easy.The problem is that if the regular line is good, you have to pay the reservation the same. So the cost is euros 11.00 up the 14.00 euros of the ticket...take your risk. I don't know if with a bus tour you can tour the vatican after lunch...in general the tour is on the morning...when the Vatican is busy outside and my good...inside. Last time I was in line with my tour guide for 30 min,not bad...we didn't pay the reservation and not too much people inside. Gunther;)
  5. You can go to Tuscania first. It is a small medioeval town and you can have lot of fun. The town is very pretty and are there 2 romanesque cheurches very very old and an etruscian museum into an old monastry. On the town are small and chip restaurant...great food! Even you can visit Tarquinia. Is there a wonderful etruscian museum...it's very good. If you have time you can go to Civita di Bagnoreggio....is on the way to go to Orvieto.Civita di Bagnoreggio is another wonderful medioeval top town hill. On this town you can find incredible bruschetta! So the area is really beautiful and you can enyoj there. Good luck Gunther:)
  6. Trwestin

    RCCL Rome excursions

    A very good way to have a tour on the city is to have a private tour. On a bus tour you have to walk a lot, waiting for the slowly people. The bus can't drive around Rome too much. Bus have to stop beside the centre of the city and the group have to walk a lot. On a private tour you can go everywere, so the cars/vans are allowed to drive beside each monuments. You have to choose for a tour with a driver/guide. If you choose a tour with an english speaking driver, you will not know too much about the monuments and the history. My suggestion is to book with some individual driver/guide....if you book with a company you never know who they will send to you. Good luck Gunther:)