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  1. Do you love them? Wear them? Need them because they're waterproof?If yes, take them!
  2. We have $800 in Future Cruise Deposits tied up by Princess because of cruises THEY cancelled. I won't pay a cash deposit while they already have my money. Best we could do was book a "hold" and get it extended to 4 weeks.
  3. Not much happening here, and I hope it's OK to add a little story. The woman on the left spoke only French, and I don't speak French. I was looking to buy a pearl mounted with a bale for my charm bracelet while in port Tahiti. A gentleman shopper acted as translator for me, and at the end of the exchange, I had the pearl shown below. The amazing thing about the story...she insisted on giving it to me. She just would not take a penny. She brought me to tears, and then she was in tears too. So sweet, so generous, so kind. It's always be one of my most treasured memories from our travel adventures. Joanie PS-we did make a purchase in her store.
  4. We're booked with EZAIR out of Harrisburg to Rome in October for Enchanted sailing. Notice came last week with flight changes. Harrisburg to Dulles to Newark to Rome. At least they didn't put Chicago in there too. I've changed flights on line before, but haven't even bothered to see what's available as an alternative. We're just holding on to the booking for now, but don't anticipate that we'll be sailing before fall of 2021. All of our friends on this one are doing the same...just waiting for CDC or Princess to make the next move. Maybe our Reunion Cruise with friends on the Sky last Jan/Feb will be our Farewell to Cruising. It's likely we'll be spending more time in our RV when/if the virus is controlled, and national parks are open for reservations. Joanie
  5. Apia on 28 day Hawaii, Tahiti, Samoa.
  6. Hope you're enjoying Disney! OKW? Sorry our time on the Sky doesn't overlap. Joanie
  7. I'll be taking a closer look from above the piazza, but looks like the scary clown is still on the floor.🤡 Joanie
  8. I believe that to be true, and my Aunt warned me about it when I was in my 30's. She said about every 5 years, even if weight doesn't change, her body did in some way. Not for the good.🤨 Joanie
  9. These are adorable. Was there much shrinkage with this fabric? Joanie
  10. Hi! DH and I will be sailing on the Enchanted in the fall, and my capsule wardrobe packing list is already taking shape in my head. Enjoy your cruise! I will say one thing that I've found to be very helpful when doing my capsule travel packing. I've learned to lay out all the items...shoes, accessories...everything. Then I take the time to try on each outfit. You'd be surprised how an outfit that looks great in your head, and on the bed can miss the mark on your body. Sometimes it needs just a little tweak. Sometimes it doesn't make the cut. Joanie
  11. No hose for me either, but she wants to wear them so I gave my 2 cents on how to make the decision. My MawMaw taught me how to make up my mind about such things. I hope she lets us know what she goes with, and posts a photo.
  12. I would dress exactly how I plan to on the special night, and check myself from all angles in a full length mirror at home. Try it with more than one type of hose. Try it standing and sitting. One will stand out as being the look you love, and then take 2 pair of the hose you've selected just in case.
  13. I love them...can walk in them at Disney all day, but I don't really have any problems with my feet I'm fortunate.
  14. Nothing like Oka B...price, comfort, style, and made in the USA .https://www.oka-b.com/collections/flip-flops Joanie
  15. Yes, that's been the case. For a short time, Princess was charging for Alfredo's. There was quite a backlash😵😠, and it's complimentary again. Joanie
  16. Hi, When DH and I were last on the Royal there was a huge tournament in the Casino..lots of noise...lots of smoke. No issue with smoke or noise while in Club 6 each evening, and it's adjacent to both the Casino and Churchill's. Joanie
  17. A group of friends boarding 01/25/20...some for 1, and some for BTB. What fun!! Joanie
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