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  1. Holland America is repatriating their crew to their home countries as I write this. Zaandam and Nieuw Statendam are on their way now to Europe to take back those crew members whose homes are in Europe. Both ships are due to arrive in Rotterdam on May 12th. Other HAL ships are taking crew back to Asia, not sure which ones.
  2. Congratulations on the upcoming anniversary. Wonderful cruise to anticipate. No, OP, you aren't crazy; you're practical. Life cannot be placed on hold forever. As with the 1918 pandemic, at some point, people are going to have to come out of their homes and begin to live life again, at first practicing social distancing and perhaps wearing masks. Most governors accept this fact and are in the process of slowly opening their states. Like everyone else, I anticipate being able to walk onto a "dam" ship again.
  3. No HAL ship sails the Caribbean in the summer, and Zaandam (and Amsterdam, I think) is due to sail the Canada/New England itinerary this summer. If I'm incorrect, please let us know, somebody.
  4. Absolutely! I'm an optimist at heart and know that if it's safe my friends and I will sail. If not, then God is looking out for us, and maybe, I wasn't meant to sail this itinerary this year. Canada's numbers seems to be stabilizing. Each day I check their National Health Department's website. Of course, they may ban tourists coming into their country from nations who still have increasing new COVID-19 cases, and I wouldn't blame their government for that policy. Also, the CDC still has a ban on cruising, so a lot of dominos have to fall into place before we go. We're now two months from sailing, but if it takes a ship a week or so to prepare, will this leave enough time should CDC lift its ban and Canada reopen ports on June 30th.?
  5. Thank you, Cooper. Guess I'm holding out less and less hope for our July 4th cruise from Boston. Should I give up hoping altogether and realize I won't be doing any B2B in Canada this year? I was due to return to Boston on July 11th sailing from Montreal.
  6. Oh, Copper, thank you so much for posting this. I started crying so hard I had to play this video several times to get through it. I feel so badly for the crews of all the lines as I do for our fellow Americans who can't do their jobs or who have lost their jobs. It's heartbreaking. I've always been appreciative of the crew, the jobs they do, and how much they are part of my memories. What a beautiful, beautiful video.
  7. Current position of Nieuw Statendam and Zaandam is way out in the North Atlantic with speeds of 15 knots. Not sure what this means for either ship as both of these ladies have been sailing between Bahamas and Florida for weeks with periods where both were doing 0 knots. Anyone know what this means for these two ships? Copper maybe?
  8. Your lockdown has been continued until April 30? While I feel for you, be thankful. Ours in Virginia is in effect until June 10th! Hope your cruise is a go. We're set to cruise out of Boston July 4 for Canada/New England. Keeping daily track of the numbers of new COVID cases in Canada and U.S. My heart goes out to all those so adversely affected by this terrible pandemic. Cruising is second in my thoughts right now. I'll be thankful for the day when we don't hear about another person dying due to coronavirus or another business in ruins or people suffering the awful effects of unemployment.
  9. OMG! So this is where our toilet paper is. Too funny.
  10. Thanks for posting that video, Crazy for Cats. While I was smiling, my heart was aching. Wondering if we'll ever get back to normal, whatever normal may look like in the future. Looking at the videos on TV of totally empty ghost cities/towns around the U.S. and in foreign capitals, all of which are usually teeming with thousands of people. As on and after 9/11 when the planes ceased to fly, it will be as strange to see people out and about again as it was to hear the jets flying again in 2001. In the meantime, everyone stay safe.
  11. Enjoyed your review so much. It sure beats listening to the constant dire news. With the new restrictions some cruise lines have announced, I don't even know if I'll be allowed to cruise again because some lines are requiring those over 70 to have a doctor's letter attesting to their fitness for travel. Despite still working as a teacher and being in excellent health, I know of no doctor here who would be foolish enough to sign off on anyone's fitness to cruise. A person could be fine one day and have a serious health issue after embarkation. Just hope HAL doesn't decide to require a physician's letter. My husband and I took a similar itinerary on Maasdam for a 16-day cruise in 2008, our first cruise with HAL. Like you, we decided HAL worked best for us and are now 4*. Here's hoping there's a cruise somewhere for all of us in the future.
  12. Okay, say a passenger gets a clean bill of health prior to embarkation and at embarkation. Can the cruise lines guarantee that he/she continues to be healthy/infection-free throughout the cruise? No. The point of cruising, in most cases, is to explore foreign ports. Could a new/old illness/virus/bacteria be lurking in those ports? Absolutely. It only takes one person, whether a passenger/crew member, to bring contagion aboard. Then, all hell breaks loose. All the health requirements/precautions in the world may not help in a situation like that. It's a whole new world out there because we're all more aware now. After the 1919 pandemic, how did the world get back to normal? What was the normal prior to that pandemic? We've advanced scientifically by leaps and bounds since then, and I would hope any new rules implemented by a cruise line would reflect modern advances and not be based on fear. Unfortunately, most CEOs/boards are currently operating on panic. I can understand their fears, but don't discriminate against the most loyal passengers, in HAL's case, seniors. As for testing passengers at the pier, let's test everybody because children often carry COVID-19 asymptomatically. About the medical letter attesting to a person's fitness for travel, some doctors may be willing to write such a letter; most would shrink from the responsibility, I believe.
  13. Thank you so much, Copper, for posting those pictures. I just heard about the heartbreaking news aboard Vaandam. Somehow, seeing your photos brought me some comfort while bringing a pain to my heart. I don't know how to explain that juxtaposition, but I appreciate your sharing.
  14. I have three cruises booked with HAL right now. First is set for July 4 Canada/New England. Second, Christmas Panama Canal. Third, next April 2021 Mexican Riviera from San Diego. Worried about the July 4 B2B one. Time will tell if I get to go or not. I'm more concerned about an economy sliding toward an abyss. Meanwhile, my school system is closed for two weeks, and I watch the stock market each day as my 401K loses hundreds of thousands, which will force me to continue working if it doesn't snap back. Of course, I'm in better shape than others who are wondering how they'll buy groceries this week. I doubt many Americans right now are thinking about vacations. Millions are wondering how they'll stay afloat financially.
  15. Having my meals prepared, being served by smiling, gracious waiters, with no dishes to wash. The freedom to walk the Promenade Deck. How I miss that as I self-quarantine due to my age. Oh, to be on a HAL ship now! Let's hope we work as a country to squash COVID-19, so all of us can return to normal, and that includes cruising.
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