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  1. Loved our Lanai so much that we have booked one on Volendam for 2-week 2020 cruise. You can take a couple clothes pins to keep drapes closed at night. If you don't, there's a little gap which lets light in from the Promenade Deck, but people couldn't see in. Our steward told us to bring our cushions in before 9 p.m. if we wanted to use them later. (We forgot to do it the first night, though.) When we indicated that we probably would do this, we never had to collect the cushions because he did it every evening when he provided turn-down service at 8:30 while we were at dinner. Very nice, as we did use them several nights. You will love this category cabin, and you can't beat the view!
  2. Have you considered a private tour? We hired a wonderful guide from the internet (sorry, it's been several years, and I no longer have the information) who picked us up at the pier and drove us to several towns outside Dubrovnik. Beautiful places and interesting drive that both DH and I could enjoy, since neither one of us was driving. She brought us back to the walled city and toured it with us for about 2 hours before leaving us in the late afternoon. We stayed and caught the bus back to the ship which she had directed us to, so all was good. It would certainly be less of a hassle, and she was so knowledgeable about the culture, history, and current events. We would have missed all of that without her.
  3. Thank you for all the work you do to keep us informed of dry docks and groups on various cruises. It's very helpful when planning a voyage.
  4. John, why did HAL close the movie theaters? We missed watching the movies on the larger screen on our April cruise aboard Oosterdam. Do they have any plans to remove the seats and turn the theater into another venue? Not sure what kind of venue, but have you heard anything?
  5. Always check the onboard account at least several times during a voyage. As for the Lido lines, I agree it's an imposition; however, I'd rather stand in line than run the risk of Noro. I like the idea that HAL is proactive in this regard. OP, did you enjoy HAL enough to book again? For those of us who prefer this line, I guess that's the question. Glad you enjoyed the cruise.
  6. Thanks, Thanks, Copper. My son and I sail on her during Christmas/New Year's 2020. Looking forward to it. His 1st time in a Lanai. Are the TVs going to be upgraded? If you know that would be helpful, so I can prepare him if it's the smaller, older screens. He's grown used to the large-screens on the Pinnacle Class ships.
  7. This has been our experience. Have they updated this policy recently, so passengers can make reservations prior to the cruise?
  8. If you have ad-blocker program, the docs won't print. You must pause it for the HAL site while you're trying to print the docs. Once you have those boarding passes printed, put the block back on. Works very well for me. Your TA should be able to supply the confirmations on purchases you need as well. How you asked her/him? I hope you get it sorted out soon. Relax on the cruise and have a wonderful time.
  9. If you're already 4*, I see no value in accepting the offer, unless you want to eat in the "special area in the MDR" (who knows what that means!) and want to order the special extra dish which is advertised as being on the CO menu. Only you can decide whether it's worth it or not. I hope they do away with it soon and chalk it up to a bad business decision.
  10. If choice of cabin isn't important, then booking at the last minute works. I prefer a certain cabin on each ship, except the two we haven't sailed yet. Give us another year or two, and we'll be able to say we've cruised on every HAL ship. Because I want a certain cabin, we normally book 12 months out; however, we have 4 cruises on hold for 2020 and beyond. I check prices all the time, and we recently got a good reduction on our Christmas/New Year's cruises and kept the goodies HAL offered at the time of booking (a year ago). Our PCC even added some more onboard credit which I didn't realize until I looked at my account. I was pleasantly surprised (and thrilled, of course). After final payment (coming up Sept. 22 and 29), I purposely won't check prices anymore. For those who have gotten better fares after the fact, so to speak, I think that's wonderful. I tried it once and was told I could do it, but I wouldn't keep the same cabin. I would have to rebook and lose some money in the process. It made no financial sense, IMO. As to when to book, I don't think there a magic bullet. There's something to be said for early and close-to-sailing booking. It's all in what's important to the passenger, and each person must prioritize those choices for himself/herself.
  11. Check with Ship Services and see if they can answer this question for you. You may have to check closer to embarkation.
  12. We took our first cruise in 1975 but had a long hiatus after that and didn't cruise again until 1997. Since then, we've cruised a lot and decided to cruise at least twice a year, beginning in 2010, mostly with HAL. What cruise was our favorite? All of them. Since that first one, all of them have special memories. It would be impossibly difficult to pick a favorite.
  13. I have allergies to MSG and mushrooms. I NEVER board the ship without first having affirmed in writing with Special Needs Dept. of my allergies. The minute I check in with the maître d' for the 1st lunch on embarkation day, I confirm that they have noted these allergies. Usually, the minute I say my stateroom #, he immediately will say "Yes, you have allergies to MSG and mushrooms." They normally have me order dinner for the first night at lunch. After that, each night I must order the next evening's meal, so they can be assured no mushrooms or MSG comes in contact with my food. Having said that, this last cruise, at lunch on embarkation day, even though everyone was aware of the allergies, I must have ingested some MSG because the minute we got up from the table I had to run to the restroom and spent the next hour dealing with the effects. Not very pleasant, especially since I was traveling with friends who were very concerned. I reported the incident both to the maître d' and the Front Desk. After that, no one would allow me to order anything without checking with the kitchen about the ingredients, despite the claims that HAL doesn't use MSG! I had no problem during the rest of the cruise. When we ate in the PG, the waiter asked us who was the mushroom and MSG lady before I could say anything. I do not eat in the Lido unless the staff can assure me of the ingredients, which they do. Same with ordering room service. Generally they tell me of my allergies before I place the order. But, yes, people with allergies, particularly the life-threatening ones like peanuts, must be pro-active. To get on a ship without having alerted the cruise line could prove dangerous.
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