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  1. We set up a private tour of Athens with Athens Taxi Tours and it was one of the best excursions of our lifetime. Our driver met us just outside the gate as soon as our ship allowed passengers to go ashore and he drove us straight to the Acropolis so we got there well before the crowds arrived (The attached picture shows how few people were there at the time.) The cost for our small group of other Cruise critic Shipmates was only 60 Euro per person which was just about he same as the Ship's Excursion for a vastly superior tour. I HIGHLY recommend Athens Taxi Tours. Rich
  2. Thank you (and everyone else) for sharing your experiences. Rich
  3. I completely agree with your observation. Thank you for the conversation. Rich
  4. My wife & I flew First Class on American and Delta last year and were very disappointed. Yes - there was more room and real food but these improvements were not worth the extra cost over coach. On the other hand, we flew Premium Economy on West Jet and Air France and felt like we received excellent service at a far more reasonable cost. These experiences leads me to believe that it is the quality of the airline that makes for an enjoyable flight experience and not the class of service or cost of the ticket. Just one observation, Rich
  5. The most recent reviews posted for the Azamara Journey were posted in July. Surely there must have been more reviews submitted over the past 4 months. Where are they? 😒
  6. This is very disappointing Bonnie. As my fellow CC counterparts have expressed, AzAmazing Evenings are one of the primary perks of Azamara cruises. Although a price reduction is most likely out of the question, some other form of compensation would be appreciated. Free Internet for example? Rich
  7. I can't say anything about Ft Meyers to Miami but we booked our one way rental from Port Canaveral to Tampa Airport with Alamo (through Costco) and were not charged a drop off fee. Rich
  8. Thanks for finding this. St Maarten seem to be the most plausible port for the Azamazing Evening as the ship doesn't depart until 10:00 PM. Rich
  9. Thank you for finding this option. Verizon's plan was $10 for EACH TIME we turned our phone on.
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