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  1. Probably in La Romana. I stopped there once on a Costa cruise (owned by Carnival) Very nice.
  2. Last "Black Friday" was on November 30th. So maybe every six months. May 30th????
  3. https://www.cruiseharbournews.com/royalnavantia.html
  4. I think taxes are required to be paid, no matter how much fcc is worth. At least it was for me.
  5. We have a cruise in October and if not leaving from Barcelona why not consider Lisbon departure? Perfect for us not matter what other ports visiting or not...
  6. One more happy cruiser added to the list of refunds. Thanks for sharing...
  7. Happy for your you & your daughter. Norwegian is also a great cruise line. We enjoyed the "Dawn" 15 years ago celebrating the birth of our only grandson. Happy cruising!
  8. I for some reason thought refunds would come from RCG but it states on credit card statement that it was returned by Pulmantur. I think your daughter just didn't have a chance to view her statement. If we all received she will also... Thanks for your contribution to this board. I have a med cruise booked this coming fall with Royal out of Barcelona. Hope it will not be my third cancelled cruise . Fingers and toes crossed. Happy sailing to all whenever that may be.
  9. Perhaps deposit payment was sent to a different credit card if that was used in your case.
  10. I booked with VTG. It was vigen in original form of payment (credit card) in Can $'s. Lost a little over currency conversion. Can live with that.
  11. Good news for us also. Checked credit just now and all was returned. Hope you all receive yours as soon as possible. Thanks Royal Caribbeean Group.
  12. Thanks for update and the good news. I was hoping that once cruises starting for Royal Caribbean maybe we would be receiving our refund shortly after. I just checked with my cc card and nothing posted from them yet. Will be looking each day for a positive refund. Thanks again for letting us know. (We booked with VTG also).
  13. Thank you for update. They owe us around $2000 since Feb of 2020. Looks like any money owed (IF ANY) will be refunded first to crew, employees, travel agencies etc. Really hoping those refunds owed to us all come through soon. Royal Caribbean is very fast on returning refunds to their customers....why not us?????
  14. No further information from our US travel agency. Apparently the agency gave the credit card info directly to Pullmantur who most probably is not interested in passing info to Royal Caribbean. We cannot speak directly to anyone at Royal either regarding Pulmantur. Its been 7 months now and tired of waiting and losing hope of receiving our fully paid cruise.
  15. December 10/21 is showing up available for 9 night southern caribbean abc island. The rest are all mostly 5 days with exception of 9 days Nov. 26 but not the abc islands.
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