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  1. I booked a Christmas cruise out of New Orleans on the Thanksgiving day sale. I booked a BA Balcony for $3,476 with perks of Premium Beverage, two specialty dinners, free WIFI, and $200 for excursions. With the New Years sale, the same package with OBC of $200 is now $3,601. Math says that overall it is a $73 saving with the added OBC. I imagine the phone lines are busy so I contacted my cruise consultant via e-mail to see if he can go ahead and cancel and rebook at the new rate and he called me right back and we made the change. I figure that by next Christmas we will b
  2. We cancelled out 14 day Circle Caribbean cruise departing 4 April on 6 March. We purchased the PVP and got 1/2 the fare refunded to our CC same day. Still waiting for deposit of our FCC to show up. Been looking at the same cruise in March 2021 and the price is high. We paid $1,729 per person for a balcony, a bit less than the first price we saw of $1,980. We opted not to take the perks. Now the same cruise in March 2021 is $2,675. It has been that way since back in March when I started planning for next year. Usually a year out are some of the better prices. I feel Princess will not
  3. The new policy is good news. However, when you dial their customer service number, your are informed that there are move then 100 callers ahead of you and to use the chat on the web page. But I am unable to bring up the chat box. I did book through a Princess agent and have her number so I called it and left a message. They are so swamped, I wonder if others who want to cancel will even be able too. Hopefully independent travel agents will have better luck.
  4. Weather channel this morning predicted the 35-40 in the early evening. No worried about the ride, I was in the Navy. Just curious if it will affect the sailing time. Winds tend start to decrease after sundown.
  5. Just saw the weather report for New Orleans on this Sunday(22 Dec). 35-40 MPH Northerly winds. Wonder how if any it effect the Getaway navigating down the Mississippi. Any Cajuns out there with experience on the Big Muddy in windy weather.
  6. Port call Roatan on 25 Dec. Will we be tendering or have pier side? thanks
  7. Thanks again. This is our first time on the large NCL ships. Always enjoyed the smaller, i.e, Spirit. This must be similar to our experience on the RCI Oasis of the Seas their larger ship. Can't say I like the concept. On a cruise, I like to sometimes go with the flow and not have to plan out every day. Appreciate information.
  8. Thanks. Do you know the show times for the regular complimentary shows as well?.
  9. What can I anticipate for the show times in the main theater on the Getaway on a December cruise.
  10. Which of the specialty restaurants on the Getaway have fixed prices vice an ala Carte menu? In other words which ones can you eat with the Free Specialty Dinning with out an up charge?
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