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  1. Looking forward to your impressions of this ship.We don't board until December. As a few others have noted, I too have been disappointed in the lack of stairs into the pools but noticed something different about the ladders. They look like they may extend to make it like stairs. Hope someone can check this out.😊
  2. It was a big surprise for us! We dealt with immigration at the airport.
  3. We chose early walk off with our luggage. We went right past the waiting luggage and out the door where our hired car was waiting. No immigration at port. 😁
  4. We pre-arranged the car service.
  5. We hired a car both to and from Southampton. Trip was about 1hour 40 minutes both ways on weekend travel days. Picked up 7:30 am from ship to go back to Gatwick for 12:45 flight.
  6. We had a marvelous time. The scenery in Norway is beyond spectacular and we enjoyed every port. We have cruised the Crown twice and both times were satisfied with service ,food and amenities.
  7. Are you looking for info on the cruise or the ship or both?
  8. Yes, we were on the 2017 Summer Solstice cruise on the Crown. Beautiful cruise.😎
  9. I don't think you understood my post.It was a comparison of the track system and the promenade decks. We experience the problems in both places.
  10. That's the point. Walkers are in the way of those that jog on the promenade. People enjoying the view at the railing are in the way as well. The jogger gets impatient with us and vice versa.
  11. That was our experience several times on the Promenade decks of the earlier Princess ships.
  12. Thanks for posting the video. Good or bad photography, she still looks graceful riding on the sea.😊
  13. No coffee pots......room service will bring you a filled pot at no charge.
  14. I wish you a wonderful cruise. 😀
  15. If you and your husband like to "stroll" on deck, then you will have a lane to stroll on deck 18. The joggers will have a separate lane and you will not have to move out of their way as you would on the promenade. If you are a relax and read a book person, there are full teak loungers on the promenade deck aft, on both sides of the ship. All of this is weather permitting. There are no perfect ships in the cruise industry. Each ship is built to please as many cruisers as possible and make as much money as possible. The industry knows what features the majority of cruisers utilize and tries to incorporate the features in their design. Some things one might enjoy and declare a must, might have little or no value to another. Thats why it is important to research the cruise line and it's ships before booking. There are so many choices of ships and cruises to make to achieve the cruise best suited to your needs. You can meet all or most of your requirements and have a super cruise. Just do your research.
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