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  1. Our Governor hasn't got a clue. All of the people that are thriving in Florida this past year are following CDC guidelines, despite his failure to lead.
  2. Will we ever reach full vaccination? There are too many people that won't do it and that upsets the Herd theory. The many variants that have evolved from the initial virus will make masks a safety necessity for a long time to come.
  3. The deck plans show 4 pools for Discovery: Retreat, Wakeview and 2 pools in center of Lido Deck (Sky Pools).
  4. When I stood in the Lido deck splash pool on the Royal, the water was knee deep. In the Sky aft pool it was waist deep to mid chest deep.I am 5ft. 4.
  5. The pool is around 3-4 ft. deep. It is just a nice cooling spot,.not really a swimming spot🙃.
  6. We enjoyed our cruise on the Sky and appreciated the differences between her and the Royal/Regal ships. Liked the Retreat area on the Regal better than the Sky. Easy access to the pool from the Sanctuary if you want to swim and the pool has a stair entry. I like the Sky decor and the new Princess Live area.The aft pool is shallow but larger than the aft pool on Regal. Each ship has its own personality and I can't wait to get on either one of them. Going for vaccine number 2 an hour from now. Hopefully we can all plan a cruise "soon".🙂
  7. This was taken in December from our deluxe balcony on deck 9aft on the Sky. IMG_3418.mov
  8. At this time, some of the ships with their crews, are anchored off the Bahamas. There is no news of new crew cases of the virus on the ships in weeks. The crews are healthy and safer out at sea than they would be on land. The virus, if still present on these ships, would make itself known for sure. The ships will be free of the virus long before the ships go back into service.
  9. Thank you Princess family. Great mood enhancer this morning.😍
  10. Yes we received the e-mail. They will be back and we will be back.😍
  11. Thanks for your review. We loved this beautiful ship and this sign brought tears.
  12. We are very happy with Princess and look forward to cruising with them in the future.
  13. Finally. Thank you Princess and I hope the rest of the cruise industry follows your lead.
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