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  1. This was taken in December from our deluxe balcony on deck 9aft on the Sky. IMG_3418.mov
  2. At this time, some of the ships with their crews, are anchored off the Bahamas. There is no news of new crew cases of the virus on the ships in weeks. The crews are healthy and safer out at sea than they would be on land. The virus, if still present on these ships, would make itself known for sure. The ships will be free of the virus long before the ships go back into service.
  3. Thank you Princess family. Great mood enhancer this morning.😍
  4. Yes we received the e-mail. They will be back and we will be back.😍
  5. Thanks for your review. We loved this beautiful ship and this sign brought tears.
  6. We are very happy with Princess and look forward to cruising with them in the future.
  7. Finally. Thank you Princess and I hope the rest of the cruise industry follows your lead.
  8. You mean to tell me that our government and medical experts can't find a place for the Grand too dock and yet they have not forced the cruise industry to shut down for a couple months. Where should we put ships full of people if the cruises continue and a passenger or crew tests positive? Enough with this lunacy!!
  9. Thanks for the wonderful review. We enjoyed the Sky in December and look forward to sailing her again. We didn't care for the way they served the salads in the little glasses at the IC either. However , I dumped my salad out of the glass onto the dish and that worked better for me. I did note that the marvelous display of salads at the buffet compared to the displays they used to have at the IC. I just wish they would serve the salads the way they used to. We never made it to the Salty Dog, but seeing the pictures of your lunch made us want to make it a must stop on the next cruise.😀
  10. The Wake View pool is also shallow at 3 feet and is basically just a pool to cool off in. The ladders in both the Retreat Pool and Wake View Pools have wide steps all the way to the bottom, making it easier to enter and exit for most people. I would not however, been able to use the pool if it was deeper and lacked the stairs. I guess they decided to make the two pools shallow and didn't have the depth to create a staircase. I never made it to the other pools.Were they shallow also?
  11. The Sky has the free movies on demand same as her sister ships.
  12. Boarding is usually on deck 5. You will be guided to the elevators for deck 6 as you enter the ship. Some cruises, we entered on deck 6.
  13. Yes it is. Should be on deck 6 until 1:30 PM- Estrella Dining room
  14. The IC is not in a small enclosed space like a cafe that can hold a couple dozen people. It is located on the bottom floor of a 3 story atrium without walls and doors enclosing it. A strong ventilation system keeps air circulating. There are other eateries on the three levels that can add to the aromas in the atrium as well. As long as my cappuccino has a fragrant aroma as I raise my cup to drink, I'm happy.😊
  15. We were in D730 on Sky, one deck up from Emerald deck and heard nothing.
  16. We were in D730, an aft facing Deluxe balcony on Sky for a week and saw some soot the first afternoon we boarded. Never had a problem after that day. I guess the wind was in our favor that week. Loved the size of the balcony and the serenity of the wake view.😊
  17. I was having a problem scanning the passport and chose to enter the info manually. There is nothing to worry about though. Print your boarding pass and luggage tags and have your passport in hand when you board the ship. They will take care of the rest of the app onboard. 😎
  18. I am using a walker for the first time in my life. I too was disappointed in the lack of stairs at the pools on Sky. However, the wake pool is shallow and the water was only waist high on me. The ladder has wide steps and the steps are positioned to make it possible for someone like me to climb up them. I just went up the ladder one step at a time. That being said, I would have had difficulty in a deeper pool. Princess should use Regal's Retreat pool as a model for all Royal class ships and add stairs for those who cruise and want to use the pools.
  19. There were some food hiccups on this cruise, but we found much to enjoy. They definitely need to adjust the ovens in Alfredos and give more choices up on Lido. As for the food overall, it far surpassed the Disney dining on our May cruise. The Sky food was hot and seasoned well. Disney's was warm and dried out.
  20. We had a great cruise despite the pizza and I agree with others here that Capt. Tuvo was amazing.
  21. We were disappointed with the pizza in Alfredos this trip. It was scorched.
  22. Just a note, most cell phones are now cameras. I appreciate having a camera at the ready when I cruise. You never know when a great picture opportunity will appear. I also enjoy finding the info about activities and dining on my phone. This way I can leave the Patter in the cabin but still have the schedule with me. Happy cruising.
  23. We are cruising Saturday on Sky. I finished loading the app 2 weeks ago and received the Medallions 5 days later.😃
  24. Thanks for the pics of the stern of Sky princess.😊 Now we can see where we will be next Saturday. Our medallions arrived yesterday and now the excitement is building. It has been fun following along.
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