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  1. A week on the coast in a condo and a week of staycation. DH got a new smoker so I am expecting ribs 😊
  2. Thank you all for suggestions on where to get the information. We will call our daughter and see what is going on. Looks like our annual summer stay is cancelled too 🤤
  3. Here's hoping some specifics are available from the provincial government soon. My family is in BC.
  4. Banks charge interest based on the risk characteristics of the borrower. So I guess what is 'unreasonable' at this point considering the risk of repayment with today's facts. Capital markets have priced the risk and found a sucker to guarantee in Uncle Sam. The Fed decided to commit our tax dollars to backstop a company that doesn't pay US taxes. Only you can decide if that is an acceptable practice.
  5. I can't wait for the 2022 itineraries to come out. With my retirement (finally!) and our 40th anniversary, I have a nice budget to work with this time 😉 We are ready for a nice long cruise instead of just 10 days.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I'll continue to wait (somewhat) patiently.
  7. After a few years of moving, road trips and work related projects, we are cruising again on the Konigsdam. Since HALs website is less than helpful in this topic, I'm wondering if I can get some insight from the helpful people here. We embark July 4th this year.
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