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  1. 2aussie golfers Pretty sure Seabourn organized ours on the ship and from what I remember it wasnt expensive
  2. Stickman I am not sure how the booking system works from here with a TA, maybe through Aussie, as if you remember how you got my old cabin on the Encore through the large price drop after I paid the deposit and me getting nowhere. Once I saw the boss of the cruise line, from NZ at a travel show she seemed to take over upgrading me to that Penthouse suite for free. So who pulls the rank Aussie or NZ for us? As a PS I have to pay the final payment next week for our next cruise with another price drop after I have paid the deposit so here we go again and its a pity the penthouses are booked already so maybe an owners suite? 😀
  3. Stickman out of curiosity I clicked onto Crystal here in NZ and it said the Crystal site for NZ is under construction then it beamed to the USA site Most shipping companies here, I just clicked on a few, including the cruise line I use 😀 beamed me to Australia but that cruise line I use does have an office here. I think Princess was about the only one who uses NZ$ whereas the others went to USA or Australia so poor old NZ is left behind the rest of the world.
  4. You mean to say you wouldnt want to live there? 😀 We weren't allowed to wander anywhere, you had to go where the guide said, not go on the other side of the road etc etc, the Russian Immigration snarled looking at every word and detail in our passports each day we went ashore along with video cameras filming everybody who left the ship. You would think that we were going to pinch something as there is nothing there We flew into St. Pete for several days after the cruise and St. Pete is one of the easiest airports we have been through and we could go anywhere and do anything. We wondered if we were in the same country
  5. We thought Geianger was one of the highlights of the Norway cruise we did a few years ago We went with Oceania as our TA thought he was doing us a favour as Oceania went around the North Cape into Murmansk and the Solovetsky Islands. What a waste of 3 or 4 days going there
  6. You can see how much I know about coffee machines
  7. We had this coffee machine if you can recognize the brand on the Encore last Xmas in the Penthouse suite. We never tried to use it
  8. I am surprised as well I think I will stick with Seabourn after staying in both the Penthouse and standard balconies on several Seabourn ships Even Stickman liked the size of the standard cabins on the Encore last year
  9. Found this photo of Captain Tim who had been helping Sophie on our Sojourn cruise
  10. Yeah we are not fans of TK either Quite happy eating in any of the other spots on the ship though
  11. Mrs Waldo Thinking about your comment about "classism" made me think about the 70 odd days we have had with Seabourn I can remember only a couple of passengers who have mentioned that they are in an "upper" class suite. The conversation to which cabin type people have got never seems to comes up unlike other cruise lines we have been on
  12. Personally I believe one wants to move around the ship so you can get an all round view We didn't stay on our balcony as we thought we were missing too much
  13. Hello MrsWaldo That Antarctica cruise we did together is still the best we have done Didnt one of the wheels fall off one your 4 wheel drive 😀
  14. barcrab when we went a few years ago our travel agent organized the insurance as we carried on to Vegas after the cruise then back to New Zealand but I don't think there was any extra charges for the Antarctica part of the cruise as the insurance price didn't seem to cost anymore than any other holiday we have had Also it may pay to talk to an insurance company to see what they actually cover. I believe in NZ we are covered with Acts of God with our policies Have a wonderful cruise and hope the weather for you is as perfect as we had We would love to join you
  15. Isn't anybody using Seabourns Private Air? 😀
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