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  1. Much the same here Stickman but at least we dont have any cases in the community (at the moment) I wonder how many cases are going to slip through with the week of allowing NZers back into NZ from Australia without having to do the 14 day quarantine before they shut our boarders again for 8 weeks?
  2. Yes even the trades people had to phone orders through at most places then pick up the products at the door as the trades could not just walk in to get products Was a bit of a pain as one had to think ahead for what they needed a couple of days in advance
  3. We only just got rid of carrier pigeons to send messages Well we are at the bottom of the world 😀
  4. I just ran a Speedtest at home and got 42.4 download which is probably why I think the Seabourn internet is okay especially being on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Wonder what you are getting at home? Is NZ way behind the rest of the world with the download speed and do we need new wires and a bigger tin can ? 😀
  5. Ken just remember it will be colder on your face area going ashore on the zodiacs due to the wind chill than standing on a deck outside
  6. Ken we were on the Quest to Antarctica 2014 and found the internet worked much the same as other cruises we have been on with Seabourn which surprised us. We used the internet mainly for emails, no down loading big files etc Still one of the best cruises we have ever done and you will love the way Seabourn handles everything. Also we had good weather and fairly smooth crossing the Drake.
  7. We started off with about 1300 passengers then onto a 3200 passengers of which we learnt about queues especially trying to board from a port or waiting for a tender standing in the sun/rain even though the ship did fairly well moving people After that we dropped down to several different shipping lines with the 1500 to 2500 range We then went on a 450 passenger ship which was all inclusive. Cabin basic size, 250 sq m with a large balcony, larger than anything we have had before What a difference no queues anywhere Not having to give your cabin number when you wanted a drink,not havi
  8. Here it is for those who havent seen it https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/destinations/nz/95565502/world-famous-in-new-zealand-the-cardrona-bra-fence
  9. chengkp do you have any comments or ideas what is going to happen with the crew on the Evergreen as it seems they could be stuck there for years while everything is sorted out about who is paying who?
  10. Stickman you would look really good walking around Sydney in that gear😀 That gear looks very similar to what we had when we did Antarctica in 2014 which we still use with our Auckland weather like today with the wife playing with her horse Its a good idea to have loan boots as we had the option of renting or supplying our own The boots dont really smell nice after walking where the penguins have been even after washing. Not good to put in your suitcase
  11. Another thing to think about if something goes wrong on the cruise of which happened to us in the early days of Covid our cruise which was cut short by six days and we left the ship at Adelaide instead of Sydney. Everybody was trying to get hold of the different airlines and TAs and of course nobody was answering the phones. One couple we were talking to was going to fly to Sydney then try and get hold of his friends at London to see if they could arrange flights for them to get back to England We just went down to Seabourn Square told the girl our cabin number and she went click click an
  12. I think I would rather believe what chengkp75 says as he is a Chief Engineer on ships He knows his stuff
  13. And who about this fella getting out of Perth with the lock down over to NZ? https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/man-who-flew-from-perth-to-auckland-could-face-up-to-six-months-prison-bloomfield/ar-BB1g7c47?ocid=msedgdhp I bet he gets hit with a wet bus ticket as a fine
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