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  1. Paulchilli we were one of those who had our cruise end at Adelaide taking the future cruise option. I must check to find if there is any paper work from Seabourn confirming this As a PS have you been paid back from Crystal yet?
  2. They didnt do everything correctly and some people slipped through This should explain it better https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/121945964/dr-ashley-bloomfield-refuses-to-get-dragged-into-political-fingerpointing
  3. Catlover I am glad you got your refund Any idea of what percentage of the cruise you got back? About half? We havent asked for a refund as we thought we would leave the refund and do another cruise when all this blows over. We got to the stage in NZ with no cases of the virus then they started letting New Zealanders returning to NZ and now we have 9 cases. Lot of unhappy people in NZ about letting people in
  4. Linda we were also on that cruise leaving through Adelaide Airport onto Melbourne Airport to fly back to NZ Very few people wore masks anywhere and no troubles for us
  5. Thinking about this I really cant remember on all the cruises we have been on with different cruise lines. We always seemed to tie up to the wharf so no anchor noise, may be a couple of the smaller Pacific Island where there was no wharf Okay you might hear the bow thrusters pulling into the wharf but I cant remember hearing them either when we were on the Quest in that cabin, 509, opposite yours
  6. I filled it out but havent heard anything back from TA even though I asked him very early on what was going to happen, or Seabourn after I filled out that complaint form I am not too worried as I hope the discount will show up when I book another cruise My TA does not like replying to emails. Even had a hard time getting hold of him when we were on the Encore to answer a phone call checking to see if we had Seabourn Flights regarding getting back to NZ He had better tidy up his act as I reckon TAs will be looking for work😀
  7. Havent been on the Odyssey yet as we seem to be on the Encore for the last three cruises I am fairly certain I have seen heaters on the Encore and the Sojourn but we havent needed them so I would presume the Odyssey would have them especially for an Alaska cruise At Antarctica we had lunches around the pool area just about every day with our Seabourn supplied jackets. It was funny if you sat by the doors to the passage way to the cabins a blast of hot air would come out if somebody opened the door. In the warmer climates a blast of cold air would come out. Good place to sit The eggs are cooked on a hot plate and not runny And still the bestest cruise we have ever done
  8. Yes I had to check it out as we dont venture that side of the bridge at night In the photos it doesnt show any beetroot which is strange as beetroot is a standard Auckland does stay "open" a lot later these days once we come out of lock down 😀 https://www.thewhitelady.co.nz/
  9. I think you call them beets A roundish purple plant which is cut into slices
  10. —-We are going for an Alaskan itinerary so we probably won’t have the opportunity to do the pool and caviar event but maybe, you never know. Sounds fun though. Are there outdoor heaters available for the outdoor venue for dining under the stars if it’s chilly? Dont know about Alaska but when we were on the Quest at Antarctica Seabourn had the caviar around the pool We spent a lot of time around the pool area under the heaters so we could watch the scenery And Joc123 you are correct the beetroot seems to be an Aussie and Kiwi thing, every time we asked for beetroot we would get this real strange look and no beetroot
  11. And Catlover found this which is different than the letter we received on the ship Click the link I dont know if this is the same for everybody?
  12. Would anybody book a cruise on Seabourn just because of the Thomas Keller meals over another cruise line? I doubt it Or for the Retreat in that matter as well 😀 I would not miss either
  13. Thanks for that Catlover. I havent done anything about it yet as I figured there were a lot more people who have outlaid a lot of money for cruises they never got. Where as we have only lost a few days of our cruise which we never got
  14. I am pretty certain on about third morning they stopped the self serving on the Encore which left Sydney on the 8th March with someone mentioning it was a fleet wide direction
  15. Disney Girl actually was looking at cabin 506 I only mentioned 509 which we have stayed in as its kinda opposite 506 I would suggest Disney Girl to check out the cabins on Seabourns site if she hasnt already to see one of the standard cabins to see how large they are
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