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  1. I agree with Stickman there are other reasons not to I have never paid for any type of holiday with a bank card as my TA and others charge 3%? for using a bank card here. Always pay cash and which after reading here and other cruise sites on CC I think I might be paying with a bank card in the future as a just in case
  2. And after all the promoting you have done promoting Crystal over the years I would have thought you would be one of the first for a payout
  3. Stickman how is Sydney doing with this Covid? We seem to only hear in NZ about all the trouble Melbourne is having
  4. Dont forget they only have small ships 400 or the one you were on 600 What about some other cruise lines with smaller type ships? There must be others around?
  5. Stickman I wonder if that other ship line or maybe other cruise lines, would find enough passengers down this way to have cruises out of Auckland around NZ for a couple of weeks back to Auckland? Well they owe me a week Well as you know we have visited a lot of different countries over the years and there aint much wrong with NZ plus no virus here only those who are in quarantine who have come back to NZ to be safe 🙂
  6. Patty if you are referring to me I have actually met Stickman on a cruise and from his posts I saw that he has been waiting for over a hundred days for his refund which was fairly substantial amount thats why I was pleased for him he finally got it
  7. Stickman its good to see you got more money back finally From what I have been reading Crystal seem to be slow paying back I got my credit back for our shortened cruise on that other cruise line a long time ago without asking or having any follow up
  8. Looking again there are two different numbers which I thought were our membership numbers but they arent I wonder if what I was seeing was just my FCCs? It will come clear oneday as we cant go anywhere for awhile
  9. Just had a quick look at ours and the FCCs are there but I wonder why there is a difference of A$804 between wifes and mine? We were both put off at Adelaide at the same time
  10. Paulchilli we were one of those who had our cruise end at Adelaide taking the future cruise option. I must check to find if there is any paper work from Seabourn confirming this As a PS have you been paid back from Crystal yet?
  11. They didnt do everything correctly and some people slipped through This should explain it better https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/121945964/dr-ashley-bloomfield-refuses-to-get-dragged-into-political-fingerpointing
  12. Catlover I am glad you got your refund Any idea of what percentage of the cruise you got back? About half? We havent asked for a refund as we thought we would leave the refund and do another cruise when all this blows over. We got to the stage in NZ with no cases of the virus then they started letting New Zealanders returning to NZ and now we have 9 cases. Lot of unhappy people in NZ about letting people in
  13. Linda we were also on that cruise leaving through Adelaide Airport onto Melbourne Airport to fly back to NZ Very few people wore masks anywhere and no troubles for us
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