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  1. Another couple of things about Gold Leaf the dining room is on the lower level so while you are eating there all you get to see is like looking out of a bus window. Drinks and snacks were handed out in the dome. We learned very quickly that if a staff member was coming along the passage way was to look out the window otherwise the staff asked you if you needed anything Also your suitcase doesnt go on the train it goes by truck to the next over night hotel so when you hop off the train you are given an envelope with your key and room number so when you walk in there is your suitcase. We were also given a DVD of the Rocky Mountain train trip of which I dont know if everybody got one or was it just the Gold leaf people
  2. NSWP just do it Tell your son you are spending his inheritance if he doent give you a free ride 😀 As one gets older one finds it harder to get in and out of zodiacs even though the cruise we did with Seabourn the crew were very good helping people with disabilities enabling them to get ashore of which I would presume the same would be with your son. Photos do not do Antarctica justice. You have to get off to talk to Happy Feet
  3. We did the Gold Leaf several years ago. I am fairly certain we got a free upgrade to the Gold Leaf along with a free upgrade to a balcony on the Alaska cruise due to a real early payment. The service and everything on the Rocky Mountain Train was excellent with getting an all round view with the Dome. Downstairs all you saw was like looking out the window of a bus. Also we got our suitcases bought to the over night hotel instead of having to pack a few things in a bag, the red class dont get that from what I remember. Well worth the extra money
  4. Reading through these posts I remembered sailing on the Monowai when I was about two or three 70 odd years ago from Auckland to Sydney with my mother. I dont remember anything about my first cruise though 😀 Ships sure have changed as the last cruises we have done with Seabourn with even one in the Penthouse suite
  5. Found this There are 68 new cases of Covid-19 in the community today, the Ministry of Health reports. At today's government update, Director of Public Health Caroline McElnay said there were now 277 cases now in the Delta outbreak - 263 in Auckland, 14 in Wellington. There were two new cases in Wellington announced today, both close contacts who had been in isolation during their infectious period.
  6. I feel for you I am glad I am old and dont really need to go to work
  7. There was one couple who we talked to from London The last I heard they were flying to Sydney then trying to get their London friends to go into a London TA or the local airline in person to try and get new flights from there What annoyed me the most was the way the staff on the ship were spoken to or treated as if it was Seabourns fault and there was lots of that
  8. There is one thing I am glad we did was book our flights through Seabourn as the girls just went click click and there were our new flights. Saved a lot of drama trying to get hold of TAs or air lines with nobody answering the phones. Heard some horror stories
  9. When we got asked to leave the ship at Adelaide half way through our cruise we got back to NZ 12 hours to late to avoid the self quarantine so we had to stay home for 14 days while everybody just carried on as normal. We did get a couple of phone calls checking on us during those 2 weeks. A neighbor went and got us some milk and other essentials as we had nothing being away for a couple of weeks dropping them off at the front door and leaving. Then when that was over NZ went into a full lock down with us only allowed to get food, petrol etc. The supermarkets had security only letting a certain number in at a time. We could order pizzas etc online with a no contact delivery We did survive 😀
  10. Seabourn wants us to book a cruise by 31st Dec 2022 and sail by then to get the FCC so still have lots of time Seabourn have already changed the book by date by one year so that date could change again
  11. Seabourn have a sailing from Sydney to NZ 5th Dec 2022 I might be able to use our 6 days from where our cruise was cut short last year towards the payment
  12. Every time I see videos of Antarctica makes me want to return. On our last cruise at Australia we had to disembark half way through our cruise due to Covid so Seabourn owe us 6 days which really knocks down the price😀 If you notice in the Seabourn footage one does not really see the faces of the passengers in their videos, privacy? which was the reason why Seabourn would not let us use their puters as our photos had peoples faces
  13. It was quite funny re Seabourns photos As you can imagine passengers had cameras with lenses on lenses Several passengers were going to put their best photos on a memory stick then use Seabourns puter to make all the different photos onto one memory stick for all those which participated but Seabourn wouldnt let them as there were photos of peoples faces but I was okay as I was getting a copy anyway Then to every bodies surprise there was this memory stick taken by Seabourn on our bed on the last night. Nobody knew we were going to get it
  14. And dont forget your FREE 15 or 20 minute memory stick of your cruise which surprised everybody 😀 I believe Seabourn can use a drone now. They werent allowed to use one when we sailed as it might break down and fall in the water
  15. Wonder if this was your iceberg? See our Drake Lake😀 And our weather stayed much the same for the whole cruise
  16. Seabourn did have metal cupboards on the stern of deck 4? where you left your boots so the boots weren't in your cabin with you Also we had Robin West who was the Expedition leader along with 13 or 14 on his Expedition team who were very knowledgeable about the birds, sea life etc of Antarctica. Robin used to say if you want to know anything just ask one of his walking encyclopedias
  17. We went on one of the early sailings with Seabourn, 2014, and were told to rent boots as walking through the penguin highways you will pick up unwanted smells which didnt want to wash off the boots which one didnt really want in ones suitcase. I dont know if this was true or not but as the boots wouldnt be worn again renting to us was the way to go. Also Seabourn did have a swap day where one could change the jackets, boots etc if the supplied ones weren't a good fit I seem to remember when we booked Seabourn were going to sail with the ship half full. Getting closer to the sailing we were offered an upgrade or a discount as there were going to be more passengers to share the cost, Seabourn thought they could add a few more passengers and still keep everybody happy. I cant remember the actual number of passengers we had I think we were the third or fourth sailing as Seabourn were still fine cruising the Antarctica cruises We would go with Seabourn again to Antarctica anytime as the cruise was definitely the best we have been on and have since changed all our cruising to Seabourn
  18. When we were there there was this water fall at Milford Sound of which I dont remember any other falls like this in the other sounds. The captain would not go any closer
  19. I would agree with you OzKiwiJJ Milford Sound is the best by miles and once you have been there you will understand the difference between Milford Sound and the other Sounds
  20. A bit more came out today https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/destinations/nz/southland/125946218/fresh-vision-for-milford-sound-but-cruise-ship-ban-goes-too-far
  21. On the news today I am glad I visited a few times by car, ship, and airplane always with good weather https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/national/milford-sound-cruise-ships-could-be-banned-from-inner-harbour/ar-AAMDx1e?ocid=msedgdhp&pc=U531
  22. Much the same here Stickman but at least we dont have any cases in the community (at the moment) I wonder how many cases are going to slip through with the week of allowing NZers back into NZ from Australia without having to do the 14 day quarantine before they shut our boarders again for 8 weeks?
  23. We only just got rid of carrier pigeons to send messages Well we are at the bottom of the world 😀
  24. I just ran a Speedtest at home and got 42.4 download which is probably why I think the Seabourn internet is okay especially being on a ship in the middle of the ocean. Wonder what you are getting at home? Is NZ way behind the rest of the world with the download speed and do we need new wires and a bigger tin can ? 😀
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