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  1. So looks like wifi works well in the crossing? We are doing this cruise in April 2021 and have the free wifi. I am enjoying this.
  2. Thank you for that information...I appreciate that.
  3. Actually the Disney Wonder is only a few years younger than the Sun. Thanks for answering my question. That must be a long cruise if there is nothing in the summer :) The pictures posted from Vancouver didn't make it look very nice though, but maybe it just needed some cleaning up before it went on it's way to Alaska :) STefani
  4. Disney is an awesome cruiseline. The pictures from VAncouver had her with a lot of rust and looking very dirty on the outside.
  5. I had (notice past tense LOL)a friend...who posted a scathing picture comparison of the Disney Wonder and the Sun Princess in Vancouver on Monday. She made a bunch of comments on how disgusting the ship looked and that it made her want to vomit. Now I will have to admit it looked bad, but...there has to be a reason that it isn't looking all shiny. I can't even find an itinerary until SEptember, but it is on her way up to Alaska. What is going on with her? Stefani
  6. HA HA HA HA...it even happens on Disney cruises.
  7. Yup, that is why I don't spend a lot of money on mine. Heck if people want to help themselves, I bring lots of extra .
  8. I put up decorations for fun...you know...that thing where you just enjoy life?
  9. Thank you :) We do it for fun and I loved rotating them around between the other ones in our cabin. I know some people think it is tacky...that is ok :)
  10. We are booked on that one too...can't wait. We will be spending our pre cruise stay near Disneyland
  11. and honestly...if I cared what other people thought of what I do...I wouldn't leave the house. I could care less if people don't like my decorated door. Move along and don't look then LOL. I have fun, I keep it to my door and I smile every time I walk down our hallway. I love it when others decorate their door. It is great to see it happening more often.
  12. I am hard core Disney tacky 🙂 You should see my house LOL
  13. This was last month on the Millennium to Alaska...we got lots of compliments about the door and smiles
  14. We are all about the fun...and yes we get smiles from a lot of people. People know that I am the Disney fan on the ship lol Stefani
  15. Note to self...never invite this person over to my house...the Disney decorations might be a little to tacky lol. I am all about tacky Disney. Every shirt I own is Disney. I love travelling and showing my Disney side. I get lots of smiles.
  16. Brought 115 magnets along...rotated them on the door and on our walls in the cabin 🙂
  17. Our boarding pass paperwork even said to go to the cabin and drop off the luggage first. It said it on the app too.
  18. we were in a regular balcony cabin...there were at least 2 USB ports. We have a 4 port charger as well. I loved the additions of the USB ports in the cabin
  19. Never worked for us very well. We just gave up after awhile. If you didn't use it for 30 seconds, it would show you as logged out and so messages wouldn't get delivered until you used the app...so you would have to be using it constantly to get messages.
  20. wonder if they are narrower than the normal balcony cabins...our bed was a decent size. We loved it.
  21. WE were just in cabin 6029 (balcony) and I felt the beds were bigger than they used to be. But I always remember Celebrity called their beds "king" anyway so I could be wrong on it feeling bigger. I know hubby and I don't fight for space on Celebrity beds like we do on normal Queen size beds (we are both chunky). Do you think maybe they put a smaller bed into those new cabins? I would doubt it, but just curious as I would like to book those cabins for our transpacific in 2021
  22. Thanks for posting about those oceanview cabins. I am going to rebook our oceanview cabins to go into one of these since I love the fact that the windows are bigger. We are doing the Transpacific in 2021 Stefani
  23. So was the surf package good enough for all the days at sea? We are booked for 2021 and would to be able to stay connected with friends on facebook. Stefani
  24. See on our Alaska cruise 🙂 Question for you...we want to book this itinerary for April 25, 2021. We plan on booking it on the Alaska cruise coming up. I see that they have changed their FCC system a little. All we really want is the reduced deposit and not too worried about the perks, etc. Have you heard if we still can get that and is that reduced deposit still refundable? I found the form for May 2019, but I am still a little confused as normally you can't get perks with the TransPacific cruises...but I am seeing otherwise currently. I think this itinerary looks fun...so many days at sea to relax and just enjoy the ocean. Stefani
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