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  1. Thats because apparently LIfe Labs has the monoply here in BC and so we are stuck with paying the high prices they want to charge.
  2. my cousin (sailing Royal Caribbean next month), flew to Seattle and got a third dose so that he could travel next month on Royal. He had a mixed dose like you and now he has 2 of the same one. Not ideal, but he wanted to cruise, so he did what he had to so he could.
  3. I'm a Disney freak too 🙂
  4. "Have a magical day"...you sound like a Disney Cast Member 😉
  5. thank you so very much for posting. I am stuck in Canada and can't leave, so being able to read this is amazing. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting so much brighter. Stefani
  6. Our Provincial doctor says science says it can be 4 months between shots...don't...even....get...me...started.
  7. yuppers...did Maui, and Big Island for sure. It was round trip Honolulu. Trying to remember which cruiselines did it. For sure NCL (before they had their 3 flagged US ships...down to only 1 now), and I think Princess too.
  8. They used to do 10 night cruises out of Honolulu (round trip) and the 1 stop was Fanning Island as the foreign stop.
  9. Hawaii cruises used to go to Fanning Island to meet the foreign port rule...wonder what happened to that.
  10. Same problem with me...live in Surrey, BC...so used to sending stuff to the US postal place to save on high shipping fees
  11. We did a Mexican cruise out of Long Beach that went to San Fransico, Seattle and Victoria...and back to Long Beach. So kind of the reverse of what you want 😉
  12. Is it going to a Canadian port at all? If so...i doubt it. We have no end in sight for our borders opening up...I am hoping for September...but that may be wishful thinking.
  13. I hear the US is going to require a negative Covid test now for anyone flying into the US. That is going to changes things a little. Yup, been to Alaska a number of times...it is our easy cruise...hop onto the skytrain and viola...we are at the cruise port 🙂
  14. and trust me...it needs it. I live near the Vancouver port and we do a lot of cruises from Vancouver as we don't have to fly to get there...it is the worst port for organization of people. Sure hope it has gotten better because that is a port that can't handle more than 1 ship of people very well at all.
  15. Even as a Canadian...if I leave the country, when I come back into Canada, I have to get a negative covid test AND quarantine for 14 days...which means if I do an Alaska cruise...I have to quarantine too. So that means everyone coming off a ship (no matter where you are from) would have to quarantine. This is the main reason why I don't think there will be a Alaska season this year. But...maybe between our two countries, the next few months will see a great reductions in cases...one can hope (and dream).
  16. You do know that Japan isn't allowing any international visitor's until Spring 2021 right?
  17. We are on the Transpacific in April (Japan to Vancouver) on the Millennium...this is what I am thinking will happen too. I am guessing the Millennium will do coastals (or Mexico) instead before heading to Vancouver in May. We have had this cruise booked since May 2019 and got such a great deal...oh well...such is life.
  18. Canada still requires it after travelling outside of Canada. Hoping that might change by the end of September though...I have a Disney trip to do in November 🙂 (priorities you know LOL)
  19. Considering you can't sail from Vancouver until November 1st...I don't get how your cruise hasn't been cancelled.
  20. in a heart beat...can't wait until we can cruise again.
  21. Yup, our transit is always an adventure that is for sure (I hate it with a passion)
  22. but with a taxi you get dropped off right where the luggage goes 🙂 Also note that if you are traveling on the Canada Line during rush hour...be prepared for very crowded trains
  23. Also check out the taxi prices...they have set pricing to downtown Vancouver. We were 4 adults and it was cheaper to take a taxi then to do 4 adults on the Canada Line (due to the extra charge for going from the airport).
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