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  1. Thank you Keith! In the Regal review it says it was an alternative for formal nights, but that must have just been the reviewers experience. Can you reserve it only once you are on board? i imagine it books up quickly?
  2. Thank you for feedback on Crab Shack. Is it correct that they have it only during the formal nights? So that would be twice on a 7 day cruise You can only book it once you are on board? Is it worth the $29? Thank you for your thoughts!!
  3. Yes, the single-device package. that is helpful thank you!
  4. I see that unlimited Wifi upgrade for $50 per person is available. Can just one person in a room get it? Or is it like the beverage package than everyone in the same room has to get it? Does it work on all devices? Did you feel like it was worth it? Thank you for feedback!!! :)
  5. I agree with prior posts, Princess is just slightly less classier than X, but still well above the more family oriented lines. We were surprised by Princess and now include it in our favorites along with X and HAL. relaxation - very comparable to X great dining - very comparable, buffet we actually like better than X nice adult pool area - very nice, few children excellent service - it was just one princess cruise but was actually BETTER than some of our cruises on X. although both are great. :)
  6. Looking at Escape next February for group cruise. What is your opinion of the solo cabins? Is the general price somewhere between a full and 1/2 of a double room rate? Are the solo public spaces useful? Thank you for your thoughts!
  7. Our favorite line was Celebrity for quite a while (and is still among our favorites). But we have found that on Princess we get a lot of what we like about Celebrity, but at a substantially lower price. And on Princess we stayed in the main dining room for all dinners, and that's the first time we have ever done that, so it must have been good! We also liked that on Princess we didn't feel like there was as much of a class system as on Celebrity. Hope that is helpful!
  8. We now have a 2 year old child (changes so much about cruising!). Looking for thoughts on which lines are the most accommodating for adding a 3rd passenger to our room. Are there certain lines that often run the "3rd passenger is FREE" promotions? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you VERY much!! :)
  9. Celebrity has been our favorite line for years. But our first Princess cruise in November was awesome. The service on Princess was the best we have ever had, including Celebrity. I would say Celebrity is slightly nicer and upscale, but we found the value on Princess to be better (we found we got more for our money on Princess). Better value than Carnival, RCI, and HAL as well. All in all, go for it, I think you will really like X!!
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