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  1. Yes, Right, My meaning was another great thing about the App. A total waste. And I’m not one of these people that’s worried about my footprint. Makes me wonder if Princess is going to survive all these mishaps. Also because of what happens when you try to reach them on the phone. I’m wondering are they just taking people off the street & hiring them. It’s starting to feel kind of SCARY . Just think what people, new to Princess are thinking 🤔
  2. Guess what came in the mail today? ? “Our Medallions for our Hawaii cruise that Princess canceled weeks ago.” Has that happened to anyone else??? I waited on hold a few times to let Princess know that the cruise was still on that D…….app . They said it would work its self out. Look how great that worked out.
  3. What about if you don’t have the drink package, but you have the coffee package??? Is there a charge for delivering one of the fancy coffee’s to our cabin. Or fresh brewed coffee from the international cafe , would they deliver to our cabins?? Is it nice & hot?? The room service coffee was never very good & was barely warm in that thermal jug. Thanks for all the great info
  4. Same thing happened to us. Cruise is November 10th. Lady said, they are running @ least 2 weeks & that they are way over loaded. This has never happened to us. I was faxing. It seemed she had a hard time finding it. She finally did find it & put it on for me. Getting Casino OBC (not Freeplay,) on the promos has been a nightmare.
  5. Thanks for that question. We would like to know also. Hopefully one of the TA’s that are active here on CC will be kind enough to post the dates ahead , before they actually come out. Just hope that Princess is not going to just post any Hawaii itineraries, just to end up moving them around again, dates & ships. 🤪 It’s been a real pain for Princess & us.
  6. Two of the Princess canceled cruises , we were on , are both still showing up on the App. & My Personalizer. One is November 5th of this year & the other was September 28th of next year. I’m now booked on a November 10th next month. I did have a tentative hold on a November 5th cruise. But decided to let it go. So now for my cruise on the Nov. 10, the App. shows I’m completely green, but the date of arrival is still showing November 5. I am thinking that when I go to the terminal on the 10th they will say I am 5 days late, since that’s what the QR code says . Princess says, (I love this) “ Oh it will all work its self out. Now I’m wondering why the above cruise got worked out in Dec & mine is closer date wise but still not right?
  7. I am having a problem also. I made the mistake of signing out last night. Now I can’t sign back in tonight. Grace
  8. Will you be on the April cruise out of LA???
  9. That’s weird, cause I checked the prices when they 1st came out & I found Viking was double the price of Princess for just the fare . Maybe it depends on the type of cabin.
  10. You Alaska people have a different situation, because they are keeping the same or close to the same dates. Us Hawaii people instead of just changing the ship , they are also drastically changing the dates, they are offering. At least they are not giving you early December or mid January, like they are us. With no indoor pool, also due to different ship. And I found one date I can live with, but the price increase is $1650.00 more. For both of us. Princess doesn’t care, they want to increase the fare. Grace
  11. This situation is absolutely not our fault. So, why is it going to cost us more money, because they are offering us dates we never would have picked . Just give us a different ship , same date & $. I would like to say this makes no sense except, Princess could actually do this on every single cruise, just to increase their income. Pretty sneaky !! All of our bookings are always done as soon as they come out. Because we are picky about our cabin. That price is always the best for suites. They very seldom come down in $.
  12. Wonder if anyone has tried to book same itinerary, but our choice of a date, & same cabin category & been successful in them letting you keep the same price . ???? Maybe custom relations would give in , if I were to talk to them .
  13. We are in the same boat with you. . I just read here on CC, also that the ship has been redeployed. I haven’t heard from my TA yet or Princess. Probably is give us 2 sailing options to pick from ( on the Crown) if we want to maintain the same price as this cruise. Both of those 2 cruises are horrible for us. There is 2 other options out of San Francisco on the Ruby. They will not pay for a flight from us to leave out of San Francisco. So, the only thing close to this cruise is a November 17th 2022 Hawaii cruise on the Sapphire . I put a hold on the last Vista Suite for now. But it is going to cost us $1,648.00 more for both of us .Plus my DH looses his $300.00 in Casino freeplay money. Needless to say I am not a happy camper or sailor 🤨
  14. I called them yesterday also , (see post #9) . But I forgot the best part: Yesterday I talked to a Princess representative that specializes in helping with the Medallion App. After telling me the App. was down for a while here she is trying to sell me the beverage package & or the internet package for a cruise that she knows darn well is not going to sail . It’s Nov.4 to Hawaii from LA. Was a waste of my time!!
  15. That’s pretty much what I was saying a few post above. But mine was more negative. The stringing along idea is right on. But why except for $ Yesterday I talked to a Princess representative that specializes in helping with the Medallion App. After telling me the App. was down for a while here she is trying to sell me the beverage package & or the internet package for a cruise that she knows darn well is not going to sail . It’s Nov.4 to Hawaii from LA. Then there’s one right after ours. Our final payment was the beginning of August. I don’t have to wonder why Princess hasn’t canceled our cruise yet. It’s very obvious.
  16. It’s not looking good for Princess. You would think NCL would want those holiday bookings. They either know something Princess doesn’t or Princess is hiding or in denial. Probably trying to hold on to the money again 🤨
  17. I just called 1-844-5250942 .After waiting 37 minutes, was told they are having a problem & things are down right now . I told them why don’t they post this & that I find out more from CC than them . I also told her that thousands are checking their boarding, even when they are all set & in the Green Lane. If it was not for that not that many people would even be concerned, know or care. She said, her note says , “check back later, so it should be fixed soon.” Yeah right!!!!!!
  18. I’m having trouble also. Early evening last night it was fine. Today is Aug. 26 . I’m getting they are have problems with the server, try again later . What else is new . iPhone & iPad. It’s making me sign in. Did not have to before today.
  19. What’s going on with the App now???? They keep asking me to sign in. I was always Auto Login. Using iPhone or iPad. Tried rebooting iPad. Did not help. Just started today. App version is updated. What a pain.
  20. Have any ships done this, even in any county ?? Maybe, it could be less, if only the ones that want to get off the ship have to be tested?? Princess would probably get lots of cancellations & therefore cancel the cruise or change the itinerary. That would also bring on the cancellations.
  21. Does anyone know what Princess would do if Hawaii requires testing 72 hours before being allowed to port. ????? Would they test those that want to get off the ship or just cancel our cruise?????? We are supposed to sail this November 5th for 15 days, from LA on the Grand . Any input is appreciated.
  22. Oh yes, it can be done & will be. According to the supervisor in customer relations I talked to today, she could see Princess has issued a credit on my credit card. She did go into my App. & tried to make the reservation for me. But, of course, she could tell that I would still be charged on my credit card. This is just for everyone’s info. The supervisor said, after checking with some higher up, the way they have it set up right now , is you most likely will be charged on your credit card when you make a reservation on the App. for a specialty dining. Even though it is supposed to be complimentary, but then they will give it back to you once you are onboard in the form of onboard credit. Unless of course , you cancel the reservation . She said I could try every couple of days because, things on the App could change. That lovely App.!!!
  23. I hope you are right because, my card still hasn’t been credited. It’s been about 5 days. Just called Princess an instead of getting “It’ll all work itself out” , I was told that any complimentary specialty dining reservation, whether Suite Promo or Regular Dining Promo can’t be done on the App. She told me you will be assigned a date & time & which dining. The note will be in our cabin on the 1st day. I told her No that people on CC were able to do it. She didn’t give a hoot about that. I asked why is it that the charge goes on within 2-3 minutes, but when I canceled the reservation, getting a credit on my card for the charge can’t even be done . I told her that’s not going to fly with me. “Give me your supervisor “. Now I sit on hold again, for the second time. Its not the money it’s that I don’t want them to think I am that dum & don’t see what they are doing getting a little extra cash in there bank. Our cruise isn’t until this November 5, ( we are paid in full) ,so I have lots of time to fight this with them 🤨 I just hate their inconsistencies on everything. Grace
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