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  1. Walgreens let us down on our August 22nd. We took the test on August 19th. My wife got results back on the night of August 20th. We ended having have Sound Mobile Diagnostics come to our house, he'll meet you anywhere in a Seattle area and do the test for a fee. I don't know why they have to send the tests to a lab, it only takes about 20 minutes to get the test results from the mobile lab. His test paperwork was right, just what Princess wanted. Google Sound Mobile Diagnostics if you need a test in the Puget Sound area, that's the Seattle for those of you who don't know.
  2. Nope not to my knowledge. We had to call to Sound Mobile Diagnostics and him meet us.
  3. It was the Rapid Allergen test, took about 20 minutes. He's an ER Doctor in Tacoma, he comes to you. It was $190, it's less if you get a group of people to be tested at one time. I forgot to say I HATE Walgreens!!
  4. There’s an informal M&G on Monday at 10:30 in the Hollywood Conservatory. This will be our 15th cruise to Alaska. We’ve also been following the other LIVE cruises on the Majestic. The COVID test didn’t go well. We had our tests at Walgreens on Thursday at 12:45. As our Friday night no test results, called Walgreens and they said “you’ll get an E-mail” click. I ended up calling Sound Mobile Diagnostics https://soundmobilediagnostics.com/ and had him come over and give us the test this afternoon. My wife ended up getting her test results from Walgreens late Friday night. He told me he went up to a couple of hotels up by Sea-Tac airport to give COVID tests last weekend. There's a lot over on the Majestic Princess August 22nd Face book page
  5. My wife and I had our COVID test on Thursday at 12:45. She got her results back late last night, Friday night. I'm still waiting for mine. I ended up having to call Sound Mobile Diagnostics https://soundmobilediagnostics.com/ and had him come to my house and give me the test. If your in the Seattle area and you need a test.
  6. We love the aft cabins and always try to get one. I think our cabin on our upcoming cruise is just below the cabin the video was taken from. Great video!
  7. If your near any of the light rail stations you could take the light rail out to Sea-Tac airport. I have to agree this is total BS!! The air quality here in the Puget Sound area is terrible today. It's hot, 91dregrees and the sun has a strange pinkish color to it. Dead calm, not even a breeze.
  8. When do you plan on doing this excursion? The border to Canada is still closed. The White Pass railroad is only going up 14 miles this year, they are rebuilding the big bridge.
  9. Be sure to bring your National parks senior pass. You can use it to get into the visitor center at Mendenhall Glacier and at the Ketchikan Southeast Alaska Discovery Center https://www.alaskacenters.gov/visitors-centers/ketchikan
  10. That won't work, wrong Pier and the wrong day, you also need a NCL booking number to get the test. If anyone coming into Seattle that needs a COVID test this Dr. can help you out, he comes to you. Sound Mobile Diagnostics https://soundmobilediagnostics.com/ The number of cases here in the Pacific Northwest are rising everyday.
  11. I just tried to schedule an appointment at our local CVS on 8/19. No appointments available which I find rather odd, there was all kinds of appointments last night when I was playing around with it. This is all BS as far as I'm concerned.
  12. It just shows how much money these people are making from the government giving FREE COVID shots. The FREE COVID tests aren't FREE.
  13. These companies that are doing the testing are making a boat load of money. When we got our COVID shots I asked the pharmacist how much he was making per shot and how mant shots he was giving a day. He told me that he was making $3600 a day clear giving COVID shots. My Walgreens will only allow me to make a reservation 2 days in advance. We sail on 8/22 and the web site only allows 2 days in advance reservations. If I can't get a reservation on Tuesday the 17th for Thursday the 19th I'm screwed.
  14. That’s a Canadian Coast Guard Helicopter. The Majestic Princess is just off the Northern tip of Vancouver island. About 20 miles out and she is almost stopped.
  15. You shouldn't have any problems making a 12:30 flight out of Sea-Tac. You want to be in the first group to get off the ship. We've been on the Crown numerous times, it's nice ship. We are sailing her next summer out of Seattle
  16. I'm just as confused as everyone else, that's why we are going to shotgun it, get a couple of tests.
  17. I e-mailed my travel agent/nurse this: “Which of these COVID tests will be accepted by Princess? Molecular lab test (PCR / NAAT) from CVS or a Rapid Antigen Test (BinaxNOW) from Walgreens? There is so much miss information.” This was her reply: “Either one will work, since you are both vaccinated.” What I plan on doing is going to CVS in the morning and Walgreens in the afternoon on the Thursday before we cruise out o Sunday.
  18. I don't know why Princess and the Port of Seattle don't bring a mobile testing lab to Pier 91 and have them do testing for a fee for those who either can't get tested at home or don't know the requirements. WOW! now wouldn't that be simple!! Something like Sound Mobile Diagnostics.
  19. I was looking at the weather report the other day, thinking I hope it's not like that when we go the week of August 22nd. It's supposed to start getting hot in Seattle next week, in the 90's by weeks end. When it's nice in Seattle the weather is usually terrible in Southeast Alaska.
  20. Mary Ann, ask your room steward for an extra blanket. When I asked our cabin steward he pulled one out from under the bed.
  21. A few years ago our niece and her family lived on an island about an hour boat ride out of Ketchikan. They shopped at the Tongass Trading post whenever they came into town to get supplies. She still talks about how she loved looking around on the 2nd floor. The first floor is for the tourists, lol.
  22. I e-mailed them and they can't get the results back fast enough. They send the sample to Southern California, 1 to 2 days and then it takes another 2 days to get the results. We are looking at Walgreens.
  23. We are going on 8-22-21 and I'm going to have to look into this and see if we can cancel our cruise without incurring a huge 75% penalty. The testing upsets me, but having to wear a mask almost everywhere on the ship is a little over the top. Look at flying on an airplane you don't see a requirement for everyone on an airplane to be tested and thy are crammed in the plane like cord wood. A filmy mask isn't going to stop much.
  24. Here's everything you need to know about the Port valet program. It's a free service by the Port of Seattle https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free You sign up for the program on the ship and it's FREE
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