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  1. If you have multiple bookings available to access on your account can you hurry and pick everyone's boarding time or is there a bunch of other things that need to be filled out at first? I also assume you can access the bookings at midnight eastern 14 days before sailing? TIA
  2. It's an Amazing Show. I hope they present it on the Sept 18th cruise.
  3. Hi, Awesome review. Can you tell me what Playlist Productions they have on board and what nights?
  4. We have been upgraded from an inside to an ocean-view.
  5. Just Curious what Play List Productions are on The Mardi Gras? What nights are the preformed? (Cozumel Cruise)
  6. It seems pretty simple to me. If you want to cruise regardless of the circumstances then you should cruise. If for some like me spending a few thousand dollars on a cruise and having to wear a mask is unacceptable. I don't want to spend the cruise on my balcony or fighting most of the ship for an outside chair to sit in. I've done Las Vegas with a mask on it was horrible. So Carnival should let us cancel with no penalties.
  7. Were you able to use your onboard credit in the casino? 🙂
  8. That's great news. Thank you for reporting back 🙂
  9. I don't really worry if I got a deal or not. I had it on my last cruise and it was so nice not to worry about what I was drinking or how much I was spending on alcohol. Usually by day 5 I just stop drinking to save money. The other perks like the coffee and such was nice too.
  10. Ok Thanks, I wondered with all of this on board credit they might change it. Not sure what I would spend it on if I couldn't use it in the casino! 😁
  11. I'm just wondering if anyone that has sailed since the restart has been able to use onboard credit in the casino? Slot machine or at the tables etc. Is there a charge to do this? What about when you're cashing out? Thanks 🙂
  12. This could be a way too Identify those around you if someone in your group gets Covid19.
  13. Disney has been doing Mobile Ordering for years at both WDW and Disneyland. It works great and it doesn't take away from the normal line. It also tells you the time when to come and get it, so the line isn't packed
  14. The Bartenders are great. On the Horizon I never ordered off of the menu. I would just tell them what type a drink I wanted. Cucumber, Mint, Vodka, Tequila etc. They'll switch the music around to get everyone pumped up. They wanted people involved so one time she gave us some of the drink ingredients and we helped make our own drinks. It was were my group went every night.
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