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  1. I think you have a great mindset Heathriel. If it makes your landing expedition folks feel better, the Antarctica landing AND Torres del Paine excursions were both canceled last trip due to insurance issues. Without those, Punta Arenas is a somewhat limited port in terms of activities/things to see (and there are penguin tours at each port) so I personally think the Puerto Montt and Chilean Fjords are a really nice add given the circumstances- especially with the weather. A site I found useful was passageweather dot com. It shows wave height forecasts and wave directions and was accu
  2. While it’s a disappointing start for sure, I’m betting you’ll still get to see some spectacular scenery and wildlife in the two days you will have in Antarctica. I was on the Dec 18 - Jan 5 sailing and while we didn’t get to some “key” areas due to ice issues we still saw amazing wildlife, icebergs and glaciers. You’ll likely hear the captain say that weather changes quickly “in this part of the world,” which I believe as the Holland America Zaandam which was 4 hours behind us one day got blocked by ice that wasn’t there when we sailed through. As a result of changing ice conditions
  3. Thanks for posting Erber. We were on your cruise but decided during the cruise to disembark in Punta Arenas so we could visit Torres del Paine national park on our own (the shore excursion was sold out and we really wanted to see the park). I’ve been lurking here to see how the rest of the cruise went after we got off. Sorry to hear there were tough seas. Hopefully less than we’d seen before. If others get the chance and like nature I highly recommend trying to fit the park in somehow. The park is incredible and we personally didn’t mind missing the 3 sea days at the tail end of our
  4. It’s $3.00 for the washer, $3.00 for the dryer and $1.50 for soap. We packed our own dryer sheets.
  5. My husband used the gym daily. No card limiting time but it did say if it was busy to be courteous and stop after 30 min to give others a chance.
  6. I bought one as on the Coral last week and drank 2 sips. They have chai latte but I personally didn’t enjoy it.
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