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  1. On 12/9/2019 at 5:29 AM, RWolver672 said:


    Did you check in on the first day possible to check in?  If not, the earliest time slots may have already been taken.  It may also depend on which port you are leaving from and which ship you are sailing on.  At the ports with minimal parking, they want the previous cruises out of the lots before they are allowing arriving passengers in.  With the newer Vista class of ships, it takes longer to debark passengers from the previous cruise.  Therefore, to keep congestion down in the terminal, they prefer that people show up later.  


    If your check in time is 12-12:30, and you show up in that time slot, once you get in line, you should be able to walk right on the ship.

    Yes we got online and checked in at 12am est which is the 1st day we were allowed to check in and we're leaving from Ft.Lauderdale. Thanks for the info. 

  2. I just checked in for our upcoming cruise in March and the earliest check in time available was 12-12:30 . I last cruised about 6 months ago and when I was looking at my past notes I noticed that we were able to check in 11:30 -12 .

    Did something change? I frequently visit this board for tips and cruise news and I don't remember seeing anything about this.

  3. This will be our 1st time cruising from Tampa and we will be staying at a hotel near the airport the night before our cruise.  We were wondering what our best option is for transportation to the port? Would our best option be a local shuttle company or Uber/Lyft? When we return we have a late afternoon flight would a local taxi be the best option for the return trip to the airport? 

  4. We are staying on the lido deck too. We enjoy the convenience of being near everything and we have never had any issues with noise I hope that continues. I hate to keep bothering you with questions but I was wondering if you know the answer to this question. We have late dining and our last few cruises we also had late dining and the service was slow so some of our group missed the late shows was the service slow? Can our group plan on making the shows? We always arrive as soon as the dining room doors open. Thanks in advance for your help.

  5. The short answer is: however you want. I usually fold a $20 bill in fourths and slip it to the steward when I shake his (or her) hand. We do the same with the wait staff (I wouldn't leave it on the table). I don't leave extra tips on the receipt for drinks, but I hand over a $1 or $2 cash when I receive the drink. Really, whatever you choose to do is fine; I don't like to make a big production of it. Just be sure you let them know that you appreciate what they do and what you expect as far as service is concerned.




    Great ideas, thanks for the info.

  6. Lots of interesting views on this subject, I had no idea when I started this thread it would receive all this attention that was not my intent. I just feel like the room stewards and dinning room staff do such a great job they deserve a few extra bucks per day, with that being said I would like to thank everyone that's replied so far .

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