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  1. I couldn't agree more that Christmas season is spectacular, but then Longwood Gardens are outstanding in any season. We lived north of Newark, DE, off Rt 896 for five years a long, long time ago. Whenever anyone from Texas visited us, we wuuld take them to Longwood Gardens. We were back there about nine years ago, and that area has really grown and the traffic along with it. Lenda
  2. @superoma A belated 🥂 🌹 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVA! 🎂 🥃 Your flowers, both the birthday flowers and those from your garden are beautiful. 💐🌸 Lenda
  3. Bruno, with all the red tape on top of everything else, I couldn't like your post, but thank you for letting all of your Daily family know what is happening. I'm surprised the funeral home was no help. Thank goodness for the friend who came to the rescue. And what a shame it all could have been prevented. Dear Dad is probably right about the cruise in September. By then, things should have settled down, and a relaxing cruise would be welcome. Lenda
  4. Sandi, I don't think we noticed coal dust and bits. I don't remember them and looking at all my Ny Alesund pictures, the roads were not as dark as the ones in Longyearbyen. The only place any was noticeable was near the power plant and the building that had the pile of coal outside it. The roads were more well packed dirt. Lenda
  5. @cat shepard Enjoyed the new installment of your adventures. Dittifoss is amazing. We discovered it in 2017 when we rented a car and drove to Godafoss and then further, winding up at Dittifoss. Remembering the walk to the waterfalls, I am amazed you made it with the cast. Your guide went above and beyond so you could enjoy the falls. Lenda
  6. Good morning from a mostly sunny central Texas. Tigers are my favorite big cat. They are so regal looking, and deserve our help to protect them and their habitat. Chicken wings are good if they are not too spicy. I try to remember to wear lipstick along with make up, but got our of the lipstick habit when we were wearing masks so often. The quote is a good one to try to live by, but it's not easy. I'll pass on the drink and the wine. biut the meal sounds good. @smitty34877 Sorry Miss Camilla could not come home, but it sounds like she is wher
  7. Bruno, how awful. Our condolences to Dear Day, your and Michael's family. Lenda
  8. That is great news that Laura through her cancer battle with flying colors and is looking great. Hat's off to her two teenagers for being there for her. 🎈 Carol, that is great news. So glad Sam is continuing to make progress. 🥂 First my apologies for not telling you sooner how nice I thought the Queen Annes's dyed silk looked. As to the two women (I can't call them ladies the way the are acting), try to ignore them. Some people are not happy unless they are doing their best to make others unhappy. Don't give them that satisfaction. And b
  9. That is good news about the yesterday's rains helping with the fires, and that six were contained or extinguished and the best news is the bootleg fire is not 50% contained. I agree with you about the Daily being like talking to many friends each day. Very please to learn that your friend with breakthrough Covid is feeling better. Debbie, it sounds like you found the right pool and someone you know from the old pool. Glad you DM is doing well. Good thoughts for the PET scan tomorrow and that the doctor will not add
  10. @cat shepard I'm enjoying your travel adventures. We've all been places that were not on the bucket list that we fell in love with. @kazu Jacqui, so sorry about your BFF's husband. Will keep them in our thoughts. Also, sorry to learn @Hflors Helen's DH passed away.
  11. Good morning from central Texas where it will be 96F but cloudy. We'll stay out of the triple digits until Saturday. I like chocolate 🍫 but prefer dark chocolate. The Buffalo Soldiers played a big part in opening the west, and were posted to several forts in Texas. They got the name Buffalo Soldiers from the Indians they were fighting, as their hair reminded the Indians of the buffaloes hides.. They deserve a celebration day. Everyday should be nature conservation day. I like the quote, and sometimes we take too many precautions. However, with Covid-19, we should
  12. Good afternoon. We had happy hour this afternoon with our neighbors. We have gotten together a few times this year, but not as often as we used to have happy hours. She and I have known each other most of our lives, at least since first grade. @Sharon in AZ So sorry about the loss of your friend from Covid-19. Too many of us have lost friends and loved ones to this horrible virus. @cat shepard Enjoyed the second installment of your Icelandic Saga. @lindaler Glad you are getting needed rain. @cruzn single Sorry your rain is not falling where it is most needed
  13. Good morning central Texas where it will be hot, but at least not in the triple digits, barely. An interesting collection of days. I will honor Korean veterans. I was just old enough when the conflict ended to remember hearing about it. I like bagpipes in small doses, and I prefer to keep both feet on the ground. I looked up Cross Atlantic Communications Day, and it originally referred to communicating across the ocean by ship. My how things have changed since then. The meal, drink and wine all sound good. Really like the quote. We have not been to tod
  14. I have always done most of if not all the yard work. Sometimes, especially with digging holes, DH has helped. One year when we lived north of Houston, I had a service to spray the yard for bugs and to fertilize the yard. When there was no improvement after two applications, they were history. It just seems that for regular yard work, no one can do it the way you or I would. When we travel or are in Quartzsite, one of our neighbors will mow it and do the trimming, but not the way I would. However, I'm not here to see it, and it gets done. 👍😉 Because of traveling s
  15. Catching up on the latest on the Daily. After several busy days/weeks, today is almost a lazy day. Just a few light chores. @cat shepard I love all your pictures. @Seasick Sailor Joy, good to know the bees have moved on without being harmed. We get honey bees when our silverado sage bloom, and I steer clear of the bushes until they leave. @lazey1 Thanks for the update on KaKalena and good that the radiation treatments are behind her. Hope her good days soon out number her bad days and that she gets a good report from the CAT scan in a couple of months. @ger_7
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