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  1. @cunnorl Sorry for the sudden loss of your brother. Our thoughts are with you and all your family. Lenda
  2. Good morning. Chili sounds good, but not sure if it will be on the menu tonight. Love flowers, but I’m also one who just sticks them in a vase. The quote is very true. When the blue hulled beauties are again sailing, I think sleeping in public will be celebrated everyday. You cannot walk through the Crows Nest or the library, especially on sea days, without seeing several people asleep. 😀 Lenda
  3. Good morning. Will celebrate polar bears any day. The closest we got to one was at the Houston zoo, It was a hot day, and he was playing with a plastic barrel in his pool. In 2016 on the Prinsendam, Captain Tim Roberts took us on an unscheduled scenic cruise in a fjord where we say a big male by himself and a little later a mother and her two cubs. They were all foraging on land. I just checked my pictures, and the bears were so far away that the zoom made the pictures pretty fuzzy. We'll pass on the meal suggestions since I'd planned a Italian sausage penne pasta bake. I al
  4. @DeeniEncinitas Please keep posting the pictures. It will be interesting to watch the progress of her babies. We have hummingbirds here, but I never found a nest. Lenda
  5. Good morning. I like pistachios, but haven’t had any in several years. I am not a fan of meatballs, but DH likes them. Six years ago, we were in Rio the last day of Carnival. The big parades were over, but a lot of the floats were parked along some roads near the port. Our shore excursion bus passed quite a few, and even partly dismantled they were impressive. Unfortunately, I could not get any pictures from the bus. It’s sunny today, and our high winds have died down, but we’re supposed to get high winds Sunday. @ger_77 Good to hear they are working on
  6. @Sharon in AZ I guess I’m weird the other way. I have never liked peanut butter in any form, but I like peanuts, peanut M&Ms, and chocolate covered peanuts. I would not have a pressure cooker for years after hearing the horror stories my mother told about the ones that exploded. Finally, DH talked me into getting one which I still have in Texas along with a slow cooker. The problem with the stove top pressure cookers is keeping the pressure regulated. Several years ago, he bought me one of the first generation Instant Pots, and it worked okay as a slow cooker an
  7. Good morning from a very windy southwest Arizona. After a high yesterday of 83F, we’re back in the upper 60s. I like chocolate covered peanuts, but don’t remember the last time I had any. My FIL was and DH is a mechanical engineer. Our oldest DD and SIL are electrical engineers. We’ll pass on the meal suggestion since it’s similar to the chicken cacciatore we had recently. Since we have some of the sauce and veggies left from the cacciatore, I think I cook a couple of thighs I have thawing, and add them to the sauce tonight. @Divi Welcome to posting on t
  8. Thank you to all who posted pictures of the bartenders, bar staff and wine servers. It is so nice to see all those smiling faces. I even recognized some of them, but could not remember names like they can. While we have some interaction with the bar staff, we really get to know the wine servers. 🍷 🍹 Lenda
  9. Just had a weird thing happen. I was editing my post and had just hit save, when it timed out and hung-up the page. I had to closed CC out and start over. I was adding that our wind is supposed to have gusts up tp 45mph. So I’ll be letting the flag poles down (there telescoping poles) and making sure nothing will blow away. @St. Louis Sal Thanks for the information about the mammograms. I was planning on scheduling mine in May when we are back in Texas. Lenda
  10. Good morning. I’m early today so I can get the laundry on the line soon and have it off before our winds pick up later. With our low humidity, they will dry quickly. We are under a wind 🌬️ advisory from 11pm tonight until 11am tomorrow, with winds 20-30 mph and probably dust. Tortilla chips with salsa is good, but we don’t have any chips. Never had trading cards except the few I got in bubble gum packages. Will pass on the meals as we’re having leftover meatloaf, wine and whatever else I find. @dfish Debbie you gave me a scare too since we had wine before and afte
  11. @St. Louis Sal I forgot to mention, we know all about dachshund ears and moving vehicles. I can just picture Fritz on that train. After Brandy died, we bought a Polaris ranger, and Nikki loved going across the desert at what we called “ear speed” looking like she was about to take off. Lenda
  12. Our dogs made several trips to Alaska in the motorhome. They loved all the sights and smells. One stop on the way up was at a former provincial park where there was a huge beaver dam. Well, Nikki decided she wanted a beaver and jumped in the swiftly flowing river, while DH was videoing them, so we have it captured for prosperity. Luckily, she was on a leash and DH managed to hold onto it until he could reel her in. Lenda
  13. Good afternoon. We discovered curling watching a winter Olympics many years ago, when that was about all being covered at the time. We'd seen it before, but that day, we realized there was a lot than just sending the stone down the ice. 🥌 While we don't seek out curling on TV, we will watch it occasionally. Congratulations to all who have received their second shot. @mamaofami Great new that your DH has an appointment for the shot. @Overhead Fred I think I have the correct person to thank; so thank you for reposting @POA1's directions for restoring the star ma
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