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  1. Received a refund for our 5/17 cruise last week (request submitted on 5/7) but minus our $1500 deposit. The $1500 deposit just showed up on our credit card today. A call to NCL Customer Service last week was not helpful other than for them to say the deposit refund was "in progress". Now waiting on the credit card company to send us a check for all the refunds. That's another 20 - 40 days. No company is any hurry to part with funds!
  2. Checked with NCL this morning - the $1500 deposit is supposed to be pending for refund to our credit card. No dates given when to expect that final bit of refund. The biggest chunk of the refund did show up on our credit card this morning (7/1)
  3. Requested refund on 5/7 for a 5/17 cruise. Received NCL email tonight (6/30) for the refund in 7-10 days. The amount to be refunded was missing our original deposit. Saw bedfordmom above had the same issue. If the deposit does not show up with the rest of the refund, guess I'll need to follow up with NCL...at least most of the money is coming back soon!
  4. Over on the Regent and Oceania CC forums, some people are reporting recent refunds (last week) for cancelled March cruises. Hopefully a good sign for NCL refunds.
  5. Checking our May 17 cruise reservation - the option to prepay DSC has gone away. A sign the cruise will be cancelled (most likely will be) or just a recent change to the NCL reservations webpage?
  6. NCL just posted on their website new cancellation info: Our suspension that was for voyages embarking March 13 to April 11 has been extended to now include all voyages embarking through May 10, 2020. We plan to recommence operations beginning May 11, 2020.
  7. Regents just modified their policy with Regents Reassurance cancel and rebook within a year. So perhaps NCL and Oceania will follow: https://www.rssc.com/collections/details?Id=f0941649-a430-4456-ba43-f4c2c78b7232
  8. For our mid-May cruise, no changes to DSC. Still $18/day/person for a suite. We haven't pre-paid.
  9. Some similar concerns expressed about the Star on our mid-May Star cruise roll call (mostly about possible missed ports). MizzouMary posted this on Thursday Dec 12th: "I received this from the VP of Guest Services: “We are in the process of making some updates.... we will have readily available by next week.” " Hoping NCL will follow through with more info next week.
  10. Thanks everyone for your great feedback! Our POA cruise is next year so maybe the protests will have resolved by then and we can try the day trip up the hill. .
  11. Wondering if anyone has left POA in Hilo and reboarded the next day in Kona? There is an evening Mauna Kea observatory tour that looks interesting but happens after POA leaves Hilo for Kona. We would find an overnight hotel after the tour. If you have done this, what arrangements were made with staff on POA? Thanks!
  12. There's a YouTube video here (if you haven't already seen it) We had this suite last March for a Mexican Riviera cruise. The room was the standard aft suite we've had on the Jewel Class ships, and Star. We were disappointed in the depth of the balcony compared to the Jewel class aft balconies. Still, we could sit out on the balcony and enjoy the aft views. We have a Star reservation next year and have decided to not get an aft suite due to the small size of the balcony. It can be a bit of a walk to get to mid-ship and beyond. If you don''t mind the wa
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